What medications should not be crushed?

Oral Dosage Forms That Should Not Be Crushed

Drug Product Active Ingredient(s)
Drug Product Arymo ER Active Ingredient(s) (morphine)
Drug Product Asacol HD Active Ingredient(s) (mesalamine)
Drug Product Aspirin enteric-coated Active Ingredient(s) (aspirin)
Drug Product Astagraf XL Active Ingredient(s) (tacrolimus)

Why would a drug be labeled as Do not crush?

Before crushing please consider: Some medicines should not be crushed because this will alter the absorption or stability of the medicine or it may cause a local irritant effect or unacceptable taste. Sometimes the exposure of powder from crushing medicines may cause occupational health and safety risks to staff.

Can you cut a pill that says do not crush?

Splitting pills can be dangerous Not all pills can be cut in half safely, especially coated tablets and time-release capsules. Avoid splitting any medication labeled as an “enteric-coated tablet,” including some over-the-counter pain relievers and back pain medications.

Can I crush my prescription pills?

When taking a prescription drug, you should never crush a tablet, open a capsule or chew either without first asking the prescribing health care provider or dispensing pharmacist whether it is safe to do so.

Can rifaximin be crushed?

Rifaximin should be taken on an empty stomach. Tablets should be swallowed whole with water. Do not crush or chew rifaximin tablets.

Can I cut Januvia in half?

JANUVIA can be taken with or without food. JANUVIA should be swallowed whole. The tablets must not be split, crushed, or chewed before swallowing.

Does Crushing tablets reduce effectiveness?

Crushing enteric coatings may result in the drug being released too early, being destroyed by stomach acid, or irritating the stomach lining.

Can Ssris be crushed?

Citalopram, escitalopram, paroxetine or sertraline tablets Can be crushed and/or dispersed in water, or crushed and given with soft food.

Do not crush medications list?

Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) – “Do Not Crush” List (2016)

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  • Pharmacist’s Letter – Meds That Should Not Be Crushed (Aug 2014)
  • Drug Product Inserts for respective drugs
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  • Do not split crush list?

    • Potassium – do not crush any, Micro-K may be opened. K-Dur may be dissolved. • Contents from capsules, short-acting and long-acting which can be opened mat be crushed if short-acting but, long-acting contents should not be crushed, they should be placed onto of the applesauce or other. Note: larger beads may clog enteral tubes.

    Do not cut crush list?

    do not crush if: Long-acting ( LA ), extended-release ( XR/XL ), controlled-release ( CR ), modified-release ( MR ), prolonged-release ( PR ) or slow-release/sustained-release ( SR ) [Formulated to release drug over extended period of time, and crushing them can result in dose dumping effects -> Increased risk of toxicity]

    Do not crush or chew list?

    The List of Oral Dosage Forms That Should Not Be Crushed, commonly referred to as the “Do Not Crush” list, contains medications that should not be crushed because of their special pharmaceutical formulations or characteristics, such as oral dosage forms that are sustained-release in nature.