What is WD data LifeGuard?

From a search on the internet, Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics is a software that performs hard disk diagnostics. The utility can perform drive identification, diagnostics, and repairs on a Western Digital FireWire, EIDE, or USB drive.

How do you use WD data LifeGuard Diagnostics?


  1. Download the Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, WinDlg_vx_xx.zip.
  2. Extract and run the program, WinDlg_vx_xx.exe.
  3. Read and accept the license agreement to continue.
  4. On the main program screen, there are two windows.
  5. Highlight the drive and select the icon on the top row to test or run SMART status.

What is WD recertified?

WD recertified products may consist of customer return units and may be repaired. All products are tested and determined to meet WD’s stringent quality standards before they are sold as recertified. Please note that some recertified items may have marks, scratches, or other slight signs of wear.

How fix bad sectors WD external hard drive?

2. Run CHKDSK Command and Format Hard Drive

  1. Run CHKDSK command to fix soft bad sectors. Press the Windows key and type cmd.
  2. Format hard drive to usable again. Open Windows File Explorer, locate and right-click on your hard drive. Select “Format”, reset the file system as NTFS, tick “Quick Format” and click “Start”.

Are WD recertified drives any good?

WD state their recertified products are “Tested and determined to meet WD’s stringent quality standards.” so there is little reason to believe they are any less reliable than their new products. I believe there is a possibility that the recertified drives have more bad blocks than a new drive.

Is refurbished hard disk good?

Manufacturer refurbished probably should be ok, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Given how cheap storage is (a 2TB HDD should be in the $60-$80 range), the small savings opting for a refurbished unit don’t seem worth the risk (however slight the risk may be).

What is Western Digital data lifeguard diagnostic (dlgdiag)?

Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostic (DLGDIAG) is a hard drive testing program that can be put on a flash drive for booting before the computer starts up. Western Digital Dashboard is the Windows equivalent that runs as a standard program.

What is the DOS version of data lifeguard tools?

The DOS version is required if installing a hard drive in a new system without existing operating system support. If you plan on copying the contents of a boot drive, Western Digital recommends using the DOS version of Data Lifeguard Tools.

How does the data lifeguard extended test work?

By accessing the Data Lifeguard information stored on the hard drive, the program is able to quickly and efficiently verify the status of the drive. If any errors are logged or found, it provides an option to return the drive to defect-free status through the Extended Test repair option.