What is the best tank shell in bf4?

Our top recommendation is going to be the Staff Shell. Like the AP Shell we suggested for your primary weapon, it’s a 120mm. It also features a smart warhead that will identify enemy targets and explode above them.

What tanks are in battlefield1?

Battlefield 1

  • FT-17 Light Tank.
  • A7V Heavy Tank.
  • Mark V Landship.
  • Artillery Truck.
  • St Chamond Assault Tank.
  • Char 2C Behemoth.
  • Putilov-Garford Assault Truck.

What tank is Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 currently features two tank types, the M1A5 for the US team and the T28, which is available for the Russian No-Pats. The most effective gadgets against such vehicles include the C5 Explosive, Recoilless M5, and Anti-Tank Mine.

How many tanks are in battlefield 5?

Battlefield 5 gives you the choice of 24 war vehicles for you to unleash havoc in. You can take your operations to the sky with ten different types of planes from bombers to fighters. You can control nine different types of tank, a vehicle behemoth that powers through anything in its way, including houses.

What is the best tank in bf1?

The best version is the Flamethrower tank, armed with a 57mm AT and case cannon, which is the standard arsenal available for the driver. On the sides there are heavy machine guns, and in the back you can find flame throwers. They are the reason for this tank being very effective.

What is the best tank in Battlefield 1?


  • PP-29.
  • LCMG.
  • DXR-1.
  • MCS-880.
  • What is the best tank in Battlefield 5?

    On the Allied side, you can’t go wrong with the reliable Valentine. This sturdy tank can both dish out the damage and take it. Its robust armor makes it an excellent choice for mechanized and infantry encounters.

    What’s the best tank in Battlefield 5?

    For me, I think the Pz IV with smoke launchers, track skirts, AT gun, and case round, is the way to go. You get the speed of the Panzer, (Its reverse is really good which is huge) a bit more health and damage output than the Pz 38t, and your not completely screwed if you get run up on like the Tiger.