What does the fountain do all the time?

How does the fountain look all the time? उत्तर: The fountain always looks fresh, cheerful and glad during all the weathers. It is always happy.

What is the tone of the first snowfall by James Russell Lowell?

Attitude. ~ Lowell’s tone at the beginning of the poem is very pensive, because the narrator is admiring the beauty of the snowfall, but also remembering the death of his daughter, while at the end of the poem there is a tone of hope and acceptance of the death of his daughter.

What is the first snowfall by James Russell Lowell about?

“The First Snowfall” is about Lowell thinking about and mourning his dead daughter because the first snowfall of winter reminds him of her death. This poem shows the strong connection that man has with nature. The first snowfall of winter reminds him of the death of his daughter.

What is the poet wish in the end?

The poet wishes to return to his eternal home that is, God at the end of his life just like birds return to their nests in the evening after the day’s long journey. Was this answer helpful?

What does the poet want to say through the poem The fountain?

Answer: The poet wants to be happy and cheerful, to be changeful and wishes to be aspiring like fountain.

What did James Lowell write?

After moving back to Cambridge, Lowell was one of the founders of a journal called The Pioneer, which lasted only three issues. He gained notoriety in 1848 with the publication of A Fable for Critics, a book-length poem satirizing contemporary critics and poets….

James Russell Lowell
Parents Charles Lowell

What is the theme of the first snowfall poem?

Lowell’s poem “The First Snowfall” taps on the themes of death, sorrow, beauty, and innocence of nature, and the father-daughter relationship. The main theme of this piece is death.

What does the falling snow symbolize or represent?

But, to reiterate, snow is a generally good omen. For example, it symbolizes positive things like peace, purity, divinity, cleanliness, rebirth, and patient progress towards noble goals.

Why is snow so important?

Snowfall is an important aspect of winter in much of the United States. Many people depend on snow to provide water when it melts in the spring, including millions of people in the western United States, where snowmelt provides 75 percent of the water supply. Many communities also rely on snow for winter recreation.

What kind of life does the poet want to lead?

Poet longs to lead a solitary, peaceful and quiet life. He wants to live a life away from the hectic schedule, hustle bustle and madness of cities. He wishes to go to Innisfree which is his boyhood daunt. He wants to live there peacefully.