How old is Looker in Pokemon?

Name Looker
Age 38
Birthday January 20th
Hometown Unknown

How do you get through team Flare’s hidden floor?

A Hidden Floor can only be unlocked by entering a special password at the elevator; during the post-game Looker missions, Malva will unlock it for the player. The Hidden Floor can only be accessed from B1 and can only access B1 and B2.

Who is Emma in Pokemon?

Emma is a character in Pokémon X and Y who appears in the post-game Looker storyline in Lumiose City. She is an orphaned 16 year old who was originally the boss of the Lumiose Gang, but later comes to live with Looker at the Looker Bureau and work as his assistant. She owns an Espurr named Mimi.

Where is Looker from Pokemon?

Looker is found outside of the police station on Route 9 where he gives the player a Thunder Stone. He comments that Alola is a peaceful place and has no need to worry for people trying to create a new world or liberating Pokémon from their Trainers.

Does Esper evolve?

MeowsticEspurr / Evolves to

Who is Team Aqua leader?

Archie (Japanese: アオギリ Aogiri) is the head of Team Aqua. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer classes Aqua Leader (Japanese: アクアだんリーダー Team Aqua Leader) and Team Aqua (Japanese: アクアだん Team Aqua).

How do you find Looker in Looker Bureau?

When you arrive at the Looker Bureau, you will find Emma who has found a note from Looker which reveals who he actually is and that he is leaving town. Emma is upset and rushes off to look for Looker. Your task is to help her find him.

How to become a detective in GTA 5 story mode?

The Looker Bureau is located right next to the Sushi High Roller restaurant. Speak to Looker at the Looker Bureau to start this line of missions. He will send you on a total of five missions to become a detective yourself. Below is a full walkthrough with SPOILERS !

What is your next mission with Looker?

Your next mission with Looker involves the investigation of the back alley in South Boulevard near the Restaurant. It seems various children have been playing there rather than attending to their studies, and the parents in the city are worried.

Will Looker go to the hospital?

Back in Looker Bureau, Looker says that he will go to the hospital and tells you to take the day off. Afterward, you see Looker asking Mimi to give you something. He says he will not actually go to the hospital, but will instead seek help from an unpleasant source, knowing that Emma was turned into Essentia by “that man”.