How do you use benefit in a sentence?

Examples of benefit in a Sentence There are many financial benefits to owning your own home. She is just now starting to reap the benefits of all her hard work. The benefits of taking the drug outweigh its risks. I see no benefit in changing the system now.

Is beneficial to or for?

“For” as a preposition answers “for what”, while “to” answers “to whom,” so if you have an object of a preposition like Jane or something like that, you’ll probably use “to” (e.g., it’s beneficial to Jane VS it’s beneficial for the building).

Could benefit from in a sentence?

6) We have derived a great deal of benefit from her advice. 7) Because of illness she didn’t get much benefit from her stay abroad. 8) Other resorts could benefit from the spillover of tourists. 9) The company derived substantial benefit from the deal.

What is the verb for beneficial?

Word family (noun) benefit beneficiary (adjective) beneficial (verb) benefit (adverb) beneficially.

What are the benefits of health?

7 benefits of being healthy

  • Fights Disease. Working out and eating right are a powerful duo when it comes to the longevity of health because it helps the body prevent disease.
  • Builds Confidence.
  • Improves Brain Health and Mood.
  • Reduces Stress.
  • Optimizes Performance.
  • Healthy Gut and Organs.
  • Maintain Healthy Weight or Lose It.

Will benefit from or of?

In the first, “of” is correct, “from” is maybe possible; in the second “of” would be impossible. It’s not a question of whether “benefit” is a noun or not; the question is whether it’s a benefit being derived from something by someone.

Would benefit or could benefit?

‘Benefit’ can be used in the passive voice, but is rare now and I think most modern native speakers would write ‘would benefit’. There is no need to add ‘from this’ after ‘would benefit’.