Does the flat earther documentary prove that the Earth is round?

And while the documentary shows multiple Flat Earthers performing experiments which accidentally further prove what we already know (that the Earth is round), it also shows these conspiracy theorists’ strident inability to accept the scientific method they themselves employ.

Is the Earth actually a flat plane?

In a clip from the 2018 documentary Behind the Curve, which focuses on flat Earth believers, an adherent to the theory that world is actually a flat plane and not a spheroid manages to undermine his worldview in an experiment gone wrong.

Did a flat earther accidentally disprove his own beliefs during experiment?

A resurfaced clip has shown the moment a flat Earther disproved his own beliefs during an experiment to prove the world isn’t round. Flat Earth conspiracists believe that the Earth is a flat plane rather than a spherical shape, but one conspiracy theorist accidentally debunked himself.

What is the flat Earth conspiracy?

The flat Earth conspiracy has baffled many – one person started a campaign to raise money to send flat Earthers to space to prove to them the planet is round, while others have managed to admit that they were wrong on their own.

Is flat Earth a conspiracy theory?

An exploration of the conspiracy theory of Flat Earth is equal parts fascinating and disturbing because it is an exploration not only of science, but of the dangers of dogmatic belief without examination, introspection, or evidence. “Behind the Curve” is streaming now in Netflix.

Did a flat earther make holes in two pieces of board?

A clip from the documentary 2018 documentary Behind the Curve has gone viral on Reddit after it showed a flat Earther setting up an experiment to prove the Earth is flat, but actually proving the opposite. In the experiment, the flat Earther make holes in two pieces of board.