Who won the marathon in 1972?

Frank Shorter
Frank Shorter, (born October 31, 1947, Munich, Germany), runner who became the first American in 64 years to win the Olympic marathon, earning the gold medal at the 1972 Games in Munich, West Germany, the city of his birth.

What happened in the Munich Olympics 1972?

The Munich massacre was an attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, by eight members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September, who took nine members of the Israeli Olympic team hostage, after killing two more.

What was the nationality of the athletes killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics?

The victims of the terror attack at the Munich Olympics have been remembered during Tokyo’s opening ceremony, the first time in nearly half a century. A moment’s silence commemorated the 11 Israeli athletes killed by Palestinian gunmen in 1972.

Did Frank Shorter win the NYC Marathon?

He was the U.S. Olympic Trials champion in both the 10,000-meter run and the marathon in both 1972 and 1976. He also won both the 10,000-meter run and the marathon at the 1971 Pan American Games.

How tall is Frank Shorter?

5′ 10″Frank Shorter / Height

Where is Frank Shorter now?

Now almost 70, Shorter is an attorney who campaigns against doping. He also works with a national organization that teaches kids how to use physical fitness to combat their own demons, as Shorter himself did as the child of an abusive father.

Has an Olympian ever died in the Olympics?

Accidents and injuries are common during competition. Twelve years ago, Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died before the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics after losing control of his sled on a training run and hitting a steel pole that was unpadded.

What is Frank Shorter doing now?

How old is Frank Shorter?

74 years (October 31, 1947)Frank Shorter / Age

When was the men’s marathon held at the 1972 Olympics?

The men’s marathon at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany was held on Sunday September 10, 1972. The race started at 15:00h local time. There were 74 competitors from 39 countries. Twelve of them did not finish. The maximum number of athletes per nation had been set at 3 since the 1930 Olympic Congress.

Who was the first American to win an Olympic marathon?

American Frank Shorter, who was born in Munich, became the first from his country in 64 years to win the Olympic marathon. As Shorter was nearing the stadium, German student Norbert Sudhaus entered the stadium wearing a West German track uniform, joined the race and ran the last kilometre.

Where did the dog go in the Munich Olympics?

The belly was the main downtown street in Munich, and its rear feet, rear end and tail were all in the English Garden, a parkland extending along the Isar River. The athletes continued along the back of the dog and entered the Olympic Stadium.

Who won the Olympic marathon in 1948?

The event was won by Frank Shorter of the United States, the nation’s first Olympic marathon victory since 1908 and third overall (matching France and Ethiopia for most golds in the event). Karel Lismont won Belgium’s second medal in the marathon with his silver (after a bronze in 1948).