What is v4l2ucp?

v4l2ucp – A universal control panel for all Video for Linux Two (V4L2) devices. This is port of an original v4l2ucp to Qt4 library. Original version was written Scott J. Bertin. This software is written in C++ using Qt4 libraries on Linux.

What is the exposure control value?

The default Exposure Control value will be the current frame interval until an explicit exposure value is chosen. So, this explains what you are seeing. Absolute Exposure Time is expressed in 100µs units.

What is an exposure control plan?

What is an Exposure Control Plan? An Exposure Control Plan is the focalpoint of any bloodborne pathogens exposure prevention program. It details in writing your plan for reducing exposures to blood and explains what steps to take if an exposure occurs. The plan specifies all steps taken by your facility to protect your workers.

What is a V4L2 virtual device?

V4L2 Virtual Device is a driver providing one or multiple video pipes. It is used to route the output of a user space video source application to typical video “consuming” applications (players, encoders, PVRs) that are compatible with v4l2 devices.