What is the monsoon season in Kerala?

Kerala has two rainy seasons, the first starts in June and the second in mid-October and finally ends around mid-November. Unlike some other places, the monsoons in Kerala do not take the form of incessant rain over days and weeks.

In which season does Kerala receives the highest rainfall?

It can be seen that the state gets highest rainfall in July (32.9% of south west monsoon rainfall) while the June month get 32.6% of the south west monsoon rainfall. August and September receive 21% and 13% of the south west monsoon rainfall, respectively.

How is the monsoon in Kerala in 2021?

The year 2021 has been the rainiest in Kerala in the last six decades, say climatologists, with the state having received 110% excess rainfall from the north-west monsoon.

Has monsoon reached in Kerala?

After a delay of four days, the southwest monsoon finally arrived in Kerala on Friday, June 5.

Why is monsoon first in Kerala?

Monsoon onset over Kerala The actual arrival of the monsoon is marked by a prolonged period of rain over most parts of Kerala. This is because the southwest monsoon branch arrives from the Arabian Sea, and hits the western ghats of Kerala before any other parts of India.

What is the northeast monsoon called in Kerala?

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced the commencement of northeast monsoon, also known as retreating monsoon, and withdrawal of southwest monsoon which had an extended run over Kerala this time.

Which is the biggest rainfall in Kerala?

In 1961 Kerala had received 4,257 mm which continues to be the highest rainfall recorded in the state ever as per available records.

Which season is Kerala now?

The summer months in Kerala, like April and May, hill stations like Munnar and Wayanad are popular among guests. People who are looking for ayurvedic treatments prefer Monsoon season from June to August….Best time to visit Kerala.

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Season
March-May 32-36°C Hot and Humid
June-September 19-30°C Heavy Rainfall

Why Kerala has more rain?

Kerala’s rains are mostly the result of seasonal monsoons. As a result, Kerala averages some 120–140 rainy days per year. In summer, most of Kerala is prone to gale-force winds, storm surges, and torrential downpours accompanying dangerous cyclones coming in off the Indian Ocean.

In which state monsoon comes first in India?

state of Kerala, India
The Arabian Sea Branch of the Southwest Monsoon first hits the Western Ghats of the coastal state of Kerala, India, thus making this area the first state in India to receive rain from the Southwest Monsoon.

How is Kerala in April?

From March to May, the climate is hot and humidity will be high this time of the year. If you are planning your trip in the month of April then expect hot weather. As it is the summer you should head to the hills to have a chilled out vacation and Munnar is the perfect place for it.

What is the weather like in Kerala during monsoons?

Southwest monsoon, from June to August, is the main rainy season. And Northeast monsoon, also known as the retreating monsoon, comes around October-November. Between the two monsoon seasons, the temperature remains cool in most parts of Kerala. It is a tropical land with, generally, pleasant climate. But the climate differs from place to place.

Why Kerala has the longest rainy season in India?

This is primarily why Kerala has the longest rainy season in India. Apart from this, Kerala almost falls in the tropical belt which experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year. Q. Is monsoon the best time to visit Kerala? A. Yes, monsoon is the best time to visit Kerala since the fields and hills get covered with lush vegetation.

Is it safe to travel to Kerala in the rainy season?

A. Monsoon tourism is steadily gaining momentum in Kerala, which is proof that it is absolutely safe to travel to Kerala in the rainy season. Some visitors have concerns regarding houseboat tours in Alleppey and driving through the hillstations in this season.

Why does Kerala have incessant rains?

Kerala does not have incessant rains that stop all activity. It rains for a few hours with sunny interludes. Occasionally the rains might stretch on for a few days but sunshine is never far away. Kerala has mainly two rainy seasons.