Is Ypres in France or Belgium?

Ypres, (French), Flemish Ieper, municipality, West Flanders province (province), western Belgium. It lies along the Yperlee (Ieperlee) River, south of Ostend. Ypres became a major cloth-weaving city in the Middle Ages, and together with Brugge and Ghent it virtually controlled Flanders in the 13th century.

Why did Ypres change its name?

“Wipers” French and British soldiers arrived in the town a few days later, from 14 October, to put up a defence and to block the route for the German Army through Ypres to the ports on the French and Belgian coast. Soldiers in the British Army quickly turned the name of Ypres into a much easier word to pronounce.

Why is Ypres called Ieper?

During the course of the war the town was all but obliterated by the artillery fire. English-speaking soldiers often referred to Ieper/Ypres by the deliberate mispronunciation “Wipers”.

What happened in the first battle of Ypres?

It was the climactic fight of the “Race to the Sea,” an attempt by the German army to break through Allied lines and capture French ports on the English Channel which opened access to the North Sea and beyond.

Why is the battle of Ypres famous?

Second Battle of Ypres, (April 22–May 25, 1915), second of three costly battles in World War I at Ypres (now Ieper), in western Flanders. The battle marked the Germans’ first use of poison gas as a weapon. Although the gas attack opened a wide hole in the Allied line, the Germans failed to exploit that advantage.

Why did poppies grow in Flanders Fields?

The war created prime conditions for poppies to flourish in Flanders and north-west France (and Gallipoli). Continual bombardment disturbed the soil and brought the seeds to the surface. They were fertilized by nitrogen in the explosives and lime from the shattered rubble of the buildings.

What language do they speak in Ypres Belgium?

When the First World War was declared in August 1914 the town was known by it’s French name of Ypres. Now the town is formally known by the Flemish name of Ieper and Flemish is the local spoken language.

Is Ypres French speaking?

listen)) is a Belgian city and municipality in the province of West Flanders. Though the Flemish name Ieper is the official one, the city’s French name Ypres is most commonly used in English….Ypres.

Ypres Ieper (Dutch)
Region Flemish Region
Province West Flanders
Arrondissement Ypres

Why is Ypres called wipers?

The task was to defend the town and to block the route for the German Army through Ypres to the ports on the French and Belgian coast. Soldiers in the British Army quickly turned the French name of Ypres into a much easier word to pronounce. They called it “Wipers”.

Who won Battle of Ypres?

The French lost at least 50,000 at Ypres, while the Belgians suffered more than 20,000 casualties at the Yser and Ypres. A month of fighting at Ypres cost the Germans more than 130,000 casualties, a staggering total that would ultimately pale before later actions on the Western Front.

What happened at Ypres?

More than 6,500 Canadians were killed, wounded or captured in the Second Battle of Ypres. The Second Battle of Ypres was fought during the First World War from 22 April to 25 May 1915. It was the first major battle fought by Canadian troops in the Great War….Canada and the Second Battle of Ypres.

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Was Ypres damaged in ww2?

Conflict had revolved in and around the Flemish city of Ypres for centuries. During the Great War it was laid-waste by four years of bombardments and this once ‘medieval gem’ was reduced to rubble.

Who destroyed Ypres?

Intense Bombardment: April 1915 There was increased activity by German planes bombing Ypres and Poperinge. There was also the arrival of long range, heavy German guns. These guns included a huge 42cm howitzer hidden in the Houthulst Forest to the north of the town.

Who won the 2nd Battle of Ypres?

the Germans
The Second Battle of Ypres ended on May 25, with insignificant gains for the Germans. The introduction of poison gas, however, would have great significance in World War I.

Was the Battle of Ypres a success?

The situation was saved by Canadian troops who used handkerchiefs soaked in urine as gas masks and launched a counter-attack on the Germans. It was successful and the Germans lost the gains they had made.

What is the market place of Ypres called?

The Market Place (Grote Markt), Ieper. The market place of Ypres, now called by its Flemish name of Ieper, became the natural centre of trade for the town as the central place where the main routes entering the town from the north, south, east and west converged.

Where is the meensestraat in Ypres?

The view from the photograph is looking eastwards towards the Ypres Salient battlefields to the eastern side of Ypres town. The right hand road of the two roads leading off from the square at the top of the picture is the Meensestraat. It leads to the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing, which can be seen in the top centre of the photograph.

What happened to the Ypres market place in 1990?

View of the Ypres market place in 1990, looking east from the belfry of the Cloth Hall. The photograph of the square taken from the belfry was taken in 1990 and the square has undergone a major redevelopment since, although the central area is still used for car parking on most days.

Where to buy souvenirs in Ypres?

Shops and cafés on the south side of the market square near the Menin Gate Memorial. On and around the market place of Ypres there are a number of shops selling gifts, souvenirs, postcards and books about the city, its historical heritage and its place in the history of the First World War.