How much does liposuction cost in London?

Liposuction costs in the UK

Procedure Price Range (GBP)
Traditional liposuction £2,500 – £7,300
VASER liposuction £2,600 – £9,500
Laser liposuction £2,770 – £6,000
Smart lipo £1,999 – £7,000

What is Lipomatic?

Lipomatic is a cosmetic surgery to get rid of the excess body fat. This cosmetic surgery can be performed at an outpatient’s clinic and do not usually require an anaesthetic. Within one session it carries a large amount of fat out of body, with least complications.

Does liposuction results last forever?

Within several months, expect the treated area to have a leaner appearance. It’s natural for skin to lose some firmness with aging, but liposuction results are generally long lasting as long as you maintain your weight. If you gain weight after liposuction, your fat distribution may change.

What is the difference between Vaser Lipo and SmartLipo?

Both VASER and SmartLipo are very similar in what that aim to achieve: smooth and precise fat aspiration during liposuction. They differ significantly in their means of achieving those ends, however. VASER harnesses the powers of sound vibrations, while SmartLipo focuses frequencies of laser light.

What is lipomatic liposuction?

What is Lipomatic Liposuction? Lipomatic Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to suction out fat from the body. Like normal liposuction techniques the surgeon makes incisions on the area of treatment and then the surgeon creates tunnels so that the cannula can be inserted to reach areas that include fat.

Is lipomatic painful?

Also, Lipomatic is minimally painful or even painless which patients and surgeons alike have described it as ‘tickle lipo’ whereas the other procedures have a higher chance of pain. How do I know if I’m eligible for Liposuction?

What is the history of liposuction in the UK?

Liposuction. Liposuction, or ‘lipo’, was brought to the UK 30 years ago by our founder, world renowned plastic surgeon Mr Bryan Mayou. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure to remove unwanted body fat, and involves sucking out small areas of fat that are hard to lose through exercise and a healthy diet alone. Liposuction is…

How to choose the right provider for your liposuction procedure?

When it comes to choosing which provider or surgeon to select as your chosen preference for your Liposuction procedure, safety and quality of care are typically the most important considerations to think about, alongside any Clinic and surgeon’s level of experience with Liposuction procedures.