How do you unlock the last level in Spyro: Year of the Dragon?

The Super Bonus Round is the final reward for completing the game, and is filled with fun minigames to play in. To unlock it, you’ll need to not only defeat the Sorceress in Sorceress’s Lair, but also achieve 100% by collecting all 149 Eggs and all 15,000 Gems from all the previous levels in the game.

How do I get a Bentley Yeti?

To get this Trophy, you must free Bentley the Yeti in the Evening Lake Home. To find him, dive into the lake from the starting point and look for a doorway you can swim through directly opposite the Portal to Frozen Altars. Swim up to enter a room with Moneybags and pay him 1,000 Gems to free Bentley.

What happens when you 100% Spyro the Dragon?

Once you have succeeded to complete Spyro the Dragon at 100%, you can open a new secret world in the world of Gnasty. To do this, you will have to collect the 12,000 gems in the game, recover all the stolen eggs and release all the dragons that have been transformed into statues.

How do you unlock the Yeti in Bamboo Terrace?

The Challenge requires Bentley the Yeti, who is unlocked in the Evening Lake Home by paying Moneybags 1,000 Gems. The Challenge Portal meanwhile is located across the bridge to the right of the Return Home Portal.

How do I open Gnasty Gnorc level?

To get to Gnorc Gnexus in Gnasty’s World, you need to collect 6,000 Gems and then talk to Amos the Balloonist in the Dream Weaver Home, near the Portal to Jacques. If you just completed Icy Flight, you can just Glide right over there!

How do you get 100% Spyro?

Getting 100% means you’ll have to rescue all 12 Eggs, rescue all 80 Dragons, and collect no less than 12,000 Gems! Of course, if you’ve been following the walkthrough, rescuing Magnus again will be the last thing you need to open it.

How do you get to Country Speedway Spyro?

The Portal to Country Speedway can be found in the upper area of the Midday Garden Home at the river. The Portal is activated after you collect 36 Eggs.

Does 100% Spyro have anything?

How do you get the Bentley in Spyro?

The Portal for Bentley’s Outpost can be found across from the Portal to Frozen Altars. Swim up and behind the ladder visible above the water to enter a room with the Portal in it. If you haven’t yet, you will need to pay Moneybags 1,000 Gems to free Bentley.

How do I open Gnasty loot?

As Magnus explains, to access Gnasty’s Loot, you’ll have to reach 100% completion (shown in the Inventory Menu) to open the green dragon head to the Portal. Getting 100% means you’ll have to rescue all 12 Eggs, rescue all 80 Dragons, and collect no less than 12,000 Gems!

What makes Spyro the dragon so special?

Spyro the Dragon was unique compared to other 3D platform games of the time; Spyro’s ability to glide allowed him to travel long distances in the air, meaning that the player could cross almost an entire level if starting from a high enough point.

When did the original Spyro the Dragon come out?

Spyro the Dragon was first unveiled at the 1998 E3 convention in Atlanta, Georgia. It was then later released in North America on September 9, 1998, and in Europe in October of the same year.

What is the first Spyro game?

The first game in the Spyro series, it stars the title character, a young purple dragon named Spyro, and his dragonfly friend, Sparx, who must journey across the Dragon Kingdom to defeat Gnasty Gnorc, who has overtaken the 5 dragon Homeworlds by trapping the other dragons in crystal and turning their hoard of gems into an army of minions.

Who is the voice of Spyro the Dragon in the game?

Carlos Alazraqui provided the voice of Spyro in the game, and additional voices were done by Clancy Brown, Michael Gough, Jamie Alcroft and Michael Connor. Alazraqui explained in an issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly that he tried to make Spyro’s voice sound like “a kid at camp that everybody likes.”