Are Rota wheels heavy?

Simply put, Rota is the Chinese knock off brand of the wheel world. They copy good quality, expensive wheels, and make them heavy, weak, and cheap.

Are Rota wheels JDM?

Once famous for its, err, close interpretations of famous JDM wheels from big names like Raysand Enkei, Rota has since grown beyond its outdated reputation as a copycat replica alloy wheel manufacturer and now offers a wide range of Japanese- and Euro-influenced designs all of its own.

Is Rota a real wheel?

So in summary: Rota wheels makes replicas of other companies ideas, and they are a legit company based in the Philippines, however, there are numerous COUNTERFEIT Rota Wheels that are sold on Ebay that are made in China and sent to Malaysia for distribution.

How much do ROTA grids weigh?

These weigh 19.4 lbs.

What are ROTA wheels made of?

Philippine Aluminum Wheels
ROTA Wheels are manufactured by Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Incorporated, one of the first wheel manufacturers in Asia. ROTA wheels are rigorously tested to meet the most stringent of standards for the sole purpose of bringing quality wheels that will last a lifetime.

Are ROTA grid forged?

GRID R 360 FF. ROTA GRID R 360 Flow Forged is the latest version of GRID. Manufactured using the latest technology flow forging process, the top section of the wheel is casted, then the wheel is then spun at high speed under heat pulling down the aluminium and forming the barrel.

Are Rota wheels flow form?

Rota 360 Degree FF wheels are Flow-Form Gravity-casting from high quality aluminum in popular styles at an affordable price, designed for street performance driving and tracking racing use.

How much do your Rota rims weigh?

Just about every rota wheel I have had, about 4 different kinds (17×8) or so, have all weighed just about 20lbs. While that is a couple pounds heavier than other rims, it seems as if the weight is pretty evenly distributed.

What is the lightest Rota et48 tire?

the lightest Rota ET48 5×100 17×8 is the Slipstream @ 18.3 lbs. – great choice for sedan owners. if you run 235/40×17 on them, the tires typically weigh a pound less than 225/45×17 and are underdriven by about 2% which more than makes up the difference for the slightly heavier wheels.

How much do the gram light wheels weigh?

I own ’em in royal steel gray – nice wheel – 1 lb. lighter than the 1-piece cast Gram Light that it is a copy of, can fit StopTech BBK whereas the 17×7.5 Gram Light cannot I run the black rota slipstreams for my 05 sti. 17×8, 114.3×5, and they weight exactly 20 lbs on a good scale.

How much does a 17×8 slipstream wheel weigh?

We have 5×100 17×8 Slipstreams in stock, and they’re 20.2 pounds each. That brings me to a pet peeve of mine, about advertised wheel weight. Often — maybe the majority of the time — they’re BOGUS! Be especially leery if the description says “ABOUT 18 pounds.” (Or whatever weight.) “About,” in my experience, means “We didn’t weigh it.”