What is the torque spec for camshaft?

Factory manual says 10Nm or 7.2 ft/lbs for every bolt on both intake and exhaust camshaft cap. Tighten down in a criss cross pattern just to be safe. No loctite is required. The caps will sit flush on the head itself when bolted down and allow the camshafts to rotate just fine.

What are the torque settings for cylinder head?

With the engine cold, tighten the cylinder head bolts, in sequence in 2–3 steps. Final torque on bolts 1–10 should be 65–72 ft. lbs. (88–98 Nm) and on bolts 11 and 12, 11–16 ft.

Why is it important to mark the camshaft bearing caps or verify their markings and direction prior to removal?

Remove the timing belt and the camshaft sprockets. Turn the camshafts so the knock pins are aligned with the marks on the camshaft caps. This will reduce the pressure on the hydraulic lifters. Note the markings on the camshaft caps prior to removal, so they can be reinstalled in the same positions.

What is a camshaft sprocket?

The cam sprocket is attached to one end of the camshaft in a combustion engine. This sprocket, along with the timing belt and the crankshaft sprocket, is responsible for maintaining the timing between the crankshaft and the camshaft.

What is a cam pulley?

Camshaft pulley A cam pulley is part of the engine’s timing system used to control the speed of the camshaft, the timing belt component that controls the poppet valves responsible for the exhaust and intake of air in the cylinders.

How tight should cylinder head bolts be?

What Order Would You Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts In? An conventional head bolt must be tightened at three points. This can involve a sequential tightening process, at which point you must double, triple, and then tighten it again. There is a torque-to-angle sequence during the tightening.

What is the size of the ej25-dohc turbo oil feed pipe?

EJ25-DOHC TURBO (WRX STi) – Turbo Oil Feed Pipe Type: 3.5 42 4.75 Type: 3.5 42 Type: 7 84 Type: 18 216 Type:

What are the different ej25-dohc Turbo (WRX STI) sizes?

EJ25-DOHC TURBO (WRX STi) – Except Front Caps Type: 7 84 9.49 EJ25-DOHC TURBO (WRX STi) – Front Caps Only Type: 5 60 6.78

How do you align the crank and cam timing?

Otherweise you can put a few washer on the crank snout and put the pulley bolt back in. Rotate the engine clockwise until the crank arrow and line putting upwards towards the block marking and both cams on their marks you ready for the next step. This will allow you to align the crank and cam timing to start the repair.