How much horsepower does a 1000 Can Am Commander have?

100 hp
Commander XT-P

Engine 1000R
Engine displacement 1000
Type 100 hp, Rotax® 976 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled
Fuel Delivery System

How fast does a Can Am 1000 Commander go?

about 75 MPH
The Can-Am Commander 1000’s top speed is about 75 MPH. This number will be affected by the weight of your cargo and passengers, the altitude you ride at, the current weather conditions, and accessories on your vehicle.

How much horsepower does a 2013 Can Am Commander 1000 have?

2013 Can-Am Commander 1000 XT Specifications

Engine Type V Twin
Cylinders 2
Engine Stroke 4-Stroke
Horsepower (bhp/kW) 85 / 63.4

How fast is the 2021 Can Am Commander?

71 mph
It’s back in the latest Commander, and it’s fast. During the 2021 Can-Am Commander XT-P test, we got the Commander to 71 mph. It gets to that top speed quickly as well. It’s not turbo, push-your-head-into-the-seatback explosive, but regardless, it’s thrilling.

Can Am Commander Max 1000 specs?

Estimated Dry Weight: 1,930 lb (875.4 kg)

  • Chassis/Cage: Profiled cage ROPS approved.
  • L x W x H: 160 x 64 x 74 in (406.7 x 162.6 x 188.2 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 120.6 in. ( 306.3 cm)
  • Ground Clearance: 13 in. (
  • Cargo Box Dimensions: 29.5 x 45.2 x 10.6 in. (
  • Cargo Box Capacity: 600 lb (272.2 kg)
  • Towing Capacity: 2,000 lb (907.2 kg)
  • Can-Am Commander 1000 engine specs?

    Engine: 1000R.

  • Type: 100 hp, Rotax® 976 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled.
  • Fuel Delivery System: Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Transmission: Quick Response System (QRS) CVT with high airflow ventilation and Electronic Drive Belt Protection Extra-L/H/N/R/P.
  • Can Am Commander 1000 XT specs?

    L x W x H: 130 x 62 x74 in (326.3 x 157.5 x 188.3 cm)

  • Wheel Base: 90.6 in. (
  • Ground Clearance: 13 in (33 cm)
  • Chassis Cage: Profiled cage.
  • Estimated Dry Weight*: 1675 lb (759.8 kg)
  • Cargo Box Dimensions: 29.5 x 45.2 x 10.6 in. (
  • Cargo Box Capacity: 600 lb (272.2 kg)
  • How long is Can Am Commander Max?

    2021 Can-Am Commander Max DPS and XT Specs

    MSRP: $19,199 / $21,199 (XT)
    Length: 158.3 in. / 160.0 in. (XT)
    Width: 62.0 in. / 64.0 in. (XT)
    Height: 73.6 in. / 74.0 in. (XT)
    Wheelbase: 120.6 in.

    What does a lift kit do on a can Am Commander?

    This particular lift kit also gives you the ability to run bigger tires and also provides the torque you need to turn them. Choose from one of the many lift kits here for your Can-Am Commander or Can-Am Commander MAX and enjoy the world of adventure that comes with more ground clearance.

    Can Am Commander parts and accessories can preserve your ride?

    Preserve your ride with Commander suspension and lift kits to increase your ground clearance and become stronger to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Can Am Commander parts and accessories, such as offroad lift kits increase the versatility of your ride and increase your height for maximum clearance.

    What accessories are available for the 2020 Can-Am Commander Max?

    You can get 4 Inch Portal Gear Lift Seal and Bearing Rebuild Kits for your 2020 Can-Am Commander or Rear Adjustable Stage 4 Elka Shocks for your 2020 Can-Am Commander MAX. These accessories allow you to get the lift you desire for your machine and when paired with shocks and monster tires, you’ll be standing tall.

    Should I Lift my Can-Am Commander?

    A common issue with lifted Can-am Commanders — specifically with the Highlifter lift kit — is that it puts more stress on the axles. A lot of lift kits simply stiffen up your suspension to gain height, which not only makes your Commander ride like garbage, but also makes the CV joints run at their max angle. This is also how the OEM lifts work.