How do you solve the TV puzzle in Little Nightmares 2?

There will be a hook swinging in the middle of the room. Jump from the TV on the right over to it and swing into the TV on the left. Keep kicking it until it knocks over, and this will shoot you upwards. Then, swing over to the left and jump onto the platform.

How do you open the door in there is no game?

Move left to right to get the 2nd cog. After getting the 2 cogs, use the cursor on the locked door to make the key fall, and click on the flag to get it. Open the vault and put the cogs inside, then close it and click on the turning wheel to open it.

How do you get past the TV lady in Little Nightmares 2?

Turn on the TV that is outside the window, and turn off the one in the room. Immediately hide behind the chair and wait for the woman to move away. She should approach the window and remain there motionlessly.

What is a Freezplay?

Free play is when children have full freedom to play in whatever way they want. “They can choose everything – they have the freedom to select their play materials, interest area and even the plot,” explains Zaman.

Are there multiple endings to there is no game?

Endings. There is only two endings, an ending where the User don’t forgive Game, and an ending where Game is forgiven.

How do you solve jigsaw puzzle box 7?

On the opposite wall you can see the fluorescent track of this operation: [Puzzle Piece] + [Puzzle Piece] = [Puzzle Piece] – All these clues hint that the solution is 7 (2+5). Look for the box that, when you approach it, reads ” Jigsaw Box 7 “, and press A to open the box.

How do I unlock puzzle piece 25/25?

On the right side of the staircase (on the bottom level where you already are) there is the Men’s restroom. Make a run for it, and once you’re inside check the third toilet to find a red box with Puzzle Piece # 25/25 (Chapter 8 # 16/16). If this is your twentififth Puzzle Piece you will unlock:

Where can I find puzzle piece 09/25?

Inside you will find Puzzle Piece # 09/25 (Chapter 4 # 12/16) in the usual box, as well as a Weapon Case with a Baseball Bat inside (you can find a Handmade Lockpick in a small wooden cabinet in the previous hallway) – Go back to the hallway. The path to the left leads to a combination-door, so proceed forward in a large dark room instead

How do I get the puzzle piece on the ladder?

– Up the ladder, proceed (dodge the Trap on the ground as you go) and notice the large blue sign on the ground. Keep going and you’ll find a combination-door in front of some stairs (the stairs lead nowhere useful, though you may see a Puzzle Piece at their top, behind some vines; you’ll get it later)