Will there ever be a season 3 of Witches of East End?

There won’t be a third season of magic for the ladies of Witches of East End on Lifetime. The cable channel has cancelled the supernatural drama after two seasons on the air.

Why did they cancel Witches of East End?

On November 4, 2014, it was announced that Lifetime had cancelled Witches of East End after a decline in ratings during the second season. The first season averaged 1.67 million viewers, but dropped in its second season to 1.13 million.

What was the ending of Witches of East End?

In a moment of true sacrifice, Wendy gave her last life to Tommy so he could raise his daughter. Joanna walked in afterwards, and we see her mourn for her sister. It’s a really heart wrenching moment. Those two had been together for centuries and she didn’t get to say goodbye.

Who is the imposter Witches of East End?

The Shapeshifter is the main antagonist of Witches of East End in Season 1. The shapeshifter morphed to look exactly like Joanna Beauchamp, but the difference is the Shapeshifter has unnatural green eyes.

Does Freya marry Killian?

He used his powers to win during gambling games. In The Old Man And The Key, Freya heads over to Santa Domingo to find Killian. However, instead of confessing her true intentions of finding him, she holds back, as she realizes that he is married.

What did Penelope Do Freya?

Penelope was then able to steal Freya’s powers by syphoning it out of Freya and into her she then stands up and her eyes are glowing red.

Does Freya end up with Killian?

When Dash found out they kissed, he was furious but forgave her when she was genuinely sorry. On their wedding night, Freya realized that Killian was her soulmate and that Dash just wasn’t the one for her. So she ended it with Dash and chose Killian at the end of Season 1.

Does Freya and Killian get together?

In Sex, Lies, and Birthday Cake, Killian confesses that Freya that he is in love with her and they belong together at Freya’s birthday party. He is seen staring at Freya at the party. Freya and Killian are later seen making love.