Who is IWIS?

Turning visions into reality: iwisions! iwis is one of the world’s leading suppliers of chain system solutions for the automotive industry as well as for drive and conveyor purposes in numerous industries.

What is the IWIS data portal?

Welcome to IWIS, The VTDEC-Watershed Management Division’s new online data portal for water quality information. Here you can access water quality and chemistry testing information from throughout Vermont. Users may access data in one of two ways.

What Isiwi?

iwis – roller chains with above-average service life, excellent wear resistance and limited length tolerances for specialized applications and various areas of mechanical and plant engineering.

Is IWIS a good roller chain brand?

Iwis Roller Chain Iwis brand roller chain combines the power of German engineering, and high-standards manufacturing to produce a roller chain that not only lasts long but is durable as well. Iwis offers three different classes of roller chain which are: Ecoplus, ELITE, and JWIS.