Which institute is best for geography UPSC?

Top Geography Optional Coaching Institute in India.

  • Rank 1 PLUTUS IAS Geography Optional Coaching In India.
  • Rank 2 Yojna IAS Geography Optional Coaching In Delhi.
  • Rank 3 The Hindu Zone History Optional Coaching in India.
  • Rank 4 ALS IAS Geography Optional Coaching in Delhi.
  • Which institute is best for IAS in Delhi?

    Top 5 Institutes in Delhi for IAS Coaching

    1. Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching Institution.
    2. Chanakya IAS Academy, Delhi.
    3. ALS – Coaching Institution for IAS Preparation.
    4. Rau’s IAS.
    5. SRIRAM’S IAS– New Delhi.

    What is the fees for IAS coaching in Chennai?

    Live Online Classes Fees For IAS/UPSC Coaching in Chennai

    Batch Duration FEES (without installments) FEES (with installments)
    One Year Batch Rs.75,000/- Rs.90,000/-
    Two Year Batch Rs.95,000/- Rs.1,10,000/-
    Three Years Batch Rs.1,15,000/- Rs.1,30,000/-
    UNLIMITED BATCH Rs.1,35,000/- Rs.1,50,000/-

    Which coaching is best for UPSC in Delhi in 2021?

    1.Vaji Rao and Reddy Insitute- Best IAS Coaching in Delhi.

  • Drishti IAS Coaching in Delhi.
  • Vision IAS.
  • Vajiram and Ravi -Best IAS Coaching in Delhi.
  • Shankar IAS Academy Delhi.
  • ALS IAS Coaching in Delhi.
  • Chanakya IAS Academy.
  • Who is best for geography optional?

    The most famous topper is Ira Singhal who topped the civil services exam in 2015. Also, in the 2016 UPSC exam, rank 4 holder Saumya Pandey had taken Geography as her optional subject….Q 2. How do you get good marks in Geography optional?

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    Who is the best geography teacher?

    Best geography teacher in india for UPSC

    • Shabbir Sir.
    • Alok Ranjan Sir.
    • Alok sir.
    • khan sir.
    • praveen sir.

    Which coaching produces most IAS?

    Plutus IAS is Most Popular IAS Coaching in India. Many IAS Examination Aspirants have Rated Plutus IAS Coaching as Best IAS Coaching in 2021. The Best IAS Coaching Center in India in 2021 is Plutus IAS Coaching. Plutus IAS Coaching has given Maximum Selection in the UPSC 2019 – 2020 Examination.

    How can I apply for Manithaneyam IAS Academy?

    Manithaneyam Free IAS Coaching 2021- 2022 Registration [Free UPSC Coaching]

    1. Step 1: Visit http://www.mntfreeias.com/Home/MUP_2017_18_User_Verify.
    2. Step 2: Select Download Hall ticket Option in the Right side of the Website.
    3. Step 3: Enter your Email Id and DOB.
    4. Step 4: Select Submit Option.

    Is Geography better than sociology?

    Sociology and Geography: Which Is The Best Optional Subject For UPSC. Both Sociology and Geography are popular optionals in the Civil Services Exam. Geography surpasses Sociology if you look at the absolute numbers of candidates opting for the subjects. In fact, both subjects are considered scoring.

    Which teacher is best for UPSC Geography?