What is the British pronunciation of power?

Below is the UK transcription for ‘power’: Modern IPA: páwə Traditional IPA: ˈpaʊə 2 syllables: “POW” + “uh”

What is the hardest sound to pronounce in English?

5 Difficult sounds in English

  1. 1 – The “TH” sound. This is one of the trickiest sounds and to add insult to injury, there are two distinct ways to pronounce it!
  2. 2 – the “W” and “V” sounds.
  3. 3 – the “b” and “v” sounds.
  4. 4 – The “ed” sound.
  5. 5 – The “l” and “r” sounds.
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What are the 3 problematic sounds in English?

The problematic sounds are [v], [θ], [р], [z], [ʧ ], [ʃ ], [t], [ʤ], [ʒ ], [l] and [w].

Is the D silent in Wednesday?

This new Julian calendar, which divided the year into 365 days and twelve months, is the foundation of our current Gregorian calendar. Most Americans don’t pronounce the d in Wednesday. But just because you can’t hear it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

What is the noun form of declamation?

• DECLAMATION(noun) The noun DECLAMATIONhas 2 senses: 1.vehement oratory 2.recitation of a speech from memory with studied gestures and intonation as an exercise in elocution or rhetoric Familiarity information: DECLAMATIONused as a noun is rare.

What is the meaning of declaiming?

Declaiming or speaking in an impassioned oratorical manner; fervid denunciation with appeals to the audience. A speech of a rhetorical kind expressing strong feeling and addressed to the passions of the hearers; a declamatory speech, a harangue.

How can we appreciate the author’s declamation?

To appreciate them we must take them for what they are, pieces of declamation, intended either to enliven the course of the narrative, to place vividly before the reader the feelings and aims of the chief actors, or more frequently still to enforce some lesson which the author himself has at heart.