What is another word for good sport?

What is another word for good sport?

sportsmanship fairness
honesty sincerity
virtue forthrightness
gamesmanship goodness
honorUS honorableness

What is another word for team spirit?

What is another word for team spirit?

esprit de corps fellowship
camaraderie community
solidarity communion
cooperation esprit
morale common bond

What’s another word for team player?

team player

  • assistant.
  • associate.
  • co-worker.
  • colleague.
  • confederate.
  • helper.
  • partner.
  • quisling.

Who is described as a good sport?

Definition of good sport 2 informal + old-fashioned : someone who is kind or generous Be a good sport and let him play with you.

Is a good sport an idiom?

(informal) be generous, cheerful and pleasant, especially in a difficult situation: She’s a good sport.

What is the synonym of spirited?

animated, vivacious, ardent, active, energetic, lively, vigorous, courageous, mettlesome. See synonyms for spirited on Thesaurus.com.

What is a synonym for positivity?

synonyms: advantageousness, favorableness, favourableness, positiveness, profitableness. Antonyms: unfavorableness, unfavourableness. the quality of not being encouraging or indicative of success.

What is a synonym for work ethic?

Synonyms: Moral rules and rules of behavior. rule. convention. law.

What is a synonym for work together?

To collaborate with someone or a group of people towards a common goal. collaborate. cooperate. interact. ally.

What is the gender neutral term for Spokesman?

Some nouns that once ended in -man now have neutral equivalents that are used to include both genders (police officer for policeman/policewoman, spokesperson for spokesman, chair/chairperson for chairman).

What are examples of good sportsmanship?

Some popular examples of good sportsmanship include shaking hands, help an opponent who may have fallen over, encourage everyone, cheer, clap or hi-five, and be respectful to everyone including teammates, the opposition, parents and officials.