What do you sprinkle on celery?

It is also important to pat them dry with paper kitchen towels before filling them. Sprinkle paprika and black pepper on top for extra flavor. Cayenne pepper works also well! Pecans add a ton of flavor to the filling mixture so be sure to use them.

What can I put in celery sticks?

One of the best uses for celery sticks is to stuff them with cheese. Cream cheese and blue cheese work really well. As do additions like dried cranberries, raisins, olives, and nuts, which double as decorations.

Is celery and cream cheese good for you?

Crisp celery stuffed with cream cheese and raisins tends to be a treat for children, but its supply of carbohydrates and protein makes it an adult-worthy snack. It’s rich in vitamins A and K, and it also has 6 percent of the daily value of calcium, potassium, vitamin B-6 and folate.

Can you freeze celery?

Blanched celery may last 12–18 months in the freezer. You can freeze celery, but it may lose some of its flavor and crispness. If frozen raw, this veggie lasts up to 2 months, while if you blanch it first, it retains more flavor and lasts 12–18 months.

Is peanut butter good on celery?

Celery with peanut butter is a nutrient-rich snack. Celery and peanut butter are two minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods. As a result, combining the two results in a snack that’s rich in fiber and protein. It’s also a good source of niacin, manganese, copper, magnesium, and heart-healthy fats ( 1 , 2 ).

How do you make celery sticks taste good?

Stuff celery with peanut butter and top with dried fruit, such as raisins or cranberries. This combination is rich in protein and fiber and supplies a small dose of potassium as well. Fill celery sticks with homemade tuna, crab or chicken salad as another way to make the vegetable more appetizing.

Can I lose weight eating celery and peanut butter?

Celery with peanut butter is rich in fiber, protein, and fat — three nutrients that help fight hunger and increase feelings of fullness. As a result, having this snack as part of a balanced diet may help you lose weight ( 11 , 12 ).

What do you eat celery with?

To eat celery, try dipping the stalks in a variety of sauces, including peanut butter, hummus, cheese sauce, salad dressing, and yogurt. Additionally, you can make a meal centered around celery, such as celery soup.

Can you grate celery?

And a grater will turn it almost to pulp. The best way I have found so far is to use a julienne mill, but that tends to shred not hugely more than half of the celery I put in, leaving the rest in large soggy lumps.

How long does celery last in the refrigerator?

two to four weeks
Answer: For the best results, keep celery heads whole, wrap them up tightly in aluminum foil, and then keep them in the refrigerator crisper drawer as usual. When stored this way, celery stalks can maintain their freshness anywhere from two to four weeks.

Should you blanch celery before freezing?

Blanch for Best Results Celery can be frozen without first being blanched but this extra, easy step helps preserve the veggie’s color, flavor and texture. Blanching also gives celery more staying power, so it can be frozen for up to a year—unblanched celery can only be frozen for up to two months.