How do you write an ARCOM award?

Tips for Writing an ARCOM

  1. # 1: Be as specific as possible.
  2. # 2: Get feedback from the person first.
  3. # 3: Use numbers, stats, and anything quantifiable.
  4. # 4: Check to make sure the achievements were not previously recognized.
  5. # 5: Have several people review it prior to submitting the award.

How do you recommend a Soldier for an award?

Recommendations for awards for heroism or valor must contain witness statements, preferably in the form of affidavits or sworn statements. If possible recommendations should be supported by official records, maps, photographs, etc. Block 21. For an AAM, ARCOM, or MSM, enter the citation.

What is a 638 Army?

A DA 638 is a US Army form used to recommend a soldier for an award. This form is appropriate in most cases except for recommendations for awards for heroism, valor, or wartime, which require a separate process for recommendation.

How to fill out Dada Form 638 for award instructions?

DA Form 638, Recommendation For Award Instructions Block 1. Fill in the office information of the next office above the recommender in the Chain of Command. This is the office with approval authority. Block 2. Enter the recommender’s office information. Blocks 3-7. Self Explanatory

How do you write a Citation for valor on DA Form 638?

FRONT of DA Form 638, Recommendation For Award (AAM, ARCOM, ARCOM with “V”, and MSM) For valor, the citation should begin and end as follows: For valorous achievement as (position title and section) …his/her heroic action reflects credit upon him/herself, this command, and the United States Army.

How do you write a Citation for an Aam?

For an AAM, ARCOM, or MSM, enter the citation. For a BSM/AM or higher, write the appropriate citation (see below). Block 22. Staff Section Admin Clerk should sign and date verifying individual is eligible for the recommended award. Block 23-25. Fill in intermediate commanders’ as appropriate.