How do you squawk in vPilot?

If you are asked to squawk ident, you can press the ident button on your aircraft’s panel (if the add-on aircraft has SquawkBox transponder integration,) or you can press the Ident button on vPilot’s main window, or you can choose the Squawk Ident option from the Add-ons menu within the sim.

How do I add model matching to vPilot?

Now, before connecting via vPilot to VATSIM, go to “Settings” -> “Model Matching (MSFS)” -> “Custom Rules”. By using the button “Add Custom Rule Set(s)”, add the two VMR files from this package (airlines.

What is Charlie squawk?

SQUAWK CHARLIE . Which means set your transponder to (Mode C or ALT) which transmits altitude and position information. ALT is the code you should have selected at all time except in the circuit, it should then be on standby.

What is the Unicom frequency Vatsim?

Introduction. Unicom is a communication frequency set at 122.800MHz, where you can talk to other pilots and send them information about your positioning and intentions. It is mainly used for information purposes, and you can’t use it as a normal ATC frequency as there is no controller.

Does vPilot work with Xplane?

xPilot – (X-Plane only) xPilot is the newest pilot client built especially for X-Plane but with the ever familiar look and feel of vPilot. xPilot is probably the best choice for new members that use X-Plane because it is quick and easy to install and get started with.

Can you use text on VATSIM?

Hundreds of pilots use text only on VATSIM, it has nothing to do with the aircraft or its CPDLC capability, CPDLC has no advantage in outside of the en route environment as an approach controller wont be sending you vectors via CPDLC to join the ILS.


The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network (VATSIM) is an organization, which provides flight simulation and air traffic control enthusiasts with a network of computers to which they can log on via the Internet and engage in flight and air traffic simulation.

What is squawk standby?

A code meaning, “Switch the transponder or the IFF (identification friend or foe) master control to the ‘standby’ position.” An Illustrated Dictionary of Aviation Copyright © 2005 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

How do I set up vpilot?

To configure vPilot, click the Settings button. You will see the screen shown at right. This section is mostly self-explanatory. Simply enter your VATSIM credentials, your full name, and your home airport. Also choose which VATSIM server you would like to connect to.

What are the documentation required for vpilot?

vPilot Documentation 1 System Requirements. 2 Installation. 3 Starting vPilot. 4 Configuration. 5 Model Matching. 6 Creating Custom Model Matching Rules. 7 Model Matching Rules Explained. 8 Controlling the Transponder. 9 Communicating with Controllers.

How do I switch from vpilot to audio for VATSIM?

In order to use vPilot with Audio for VATSIM, update to its latest version. The next time you launch vPilot you will be prompted to update to a newer version – ensure you select ‘yes’ so that you can continue using voice on VATSIM after the switch. Click here to download the latest version of vPilot.

Can I use vpilot with pfpx?

A: Sure. Within PFPX, export your flight plan to VATSIM (Prefile). Then, in the vPilot File Flight Plan window, select “Fetch From Server”. Q: vPilot looks really awesome!