Does IKEA sell serving bowls?

Our range of serving bowls and salad bowls come in different sizes, shapes, and styles for every need and occasion. So whether you’re serving pasta fasul at the family gathering in a ceramic serving bowl or salad and spinach leaves in a wooden serving bowl at dinner, you’ll find what you need at IKEA.

What can you use a glass bowl for?

Cereal glass bowls at breakfast, salad or soup bowls at lunch. Whatever tasty food you use them for, we have a wide range with lots of sizes, materials and styles.

How to choose the right bowls for your kitchen table?

You’ll bring out the soup bowls for a hot dinner on cold evenings. Or the cereal bowls for the early morning breakfasts. A colourful one can make a boring dish more fun, and a matching set can help put that final touch on the table arrangement.

Why should you buy a pair of serving bowls?

So, treat yourself to a nice pair of serving bowls. They’ll do the trick whether you’re cooking up a three-course dinner or making microwaved store-bought stew.