How can I get entry in Wagah Border Ceremony?

You need to get registered at commissioner’s office at Khasa village some 19 km before wagha border and the timings are 9 AM to 1 PM. they will issue a pass and your name with other details will be sent to the authorities at Wagha.

How long is the Wagah border ceremony?

45 minutes
The total time duration of the ceremony is 45 minutes. The entrance to the venue is open from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Do we need ticket for Wagah border?

There is no entrance ticket for the Wagah Border spectacle. Hence, no advance booking is necessary….

What time Wagah border parade is?

In summers, the parade starts at 5:15 PM while during winters it starts at 4:15 PM. The ceremony lasts for 45 minutes. However, the Wagah attari border entrance is open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, so its best to visit the place atleast 1 hour before parade as everyone do not get to attend the ceremony easily.

How do I book VIP seats at Wagah Border?

Hi there is no online booking for the VIP pass. You need to go there a day in advance with your id proof and request for a pass, you collect the passes next day on your way to the Wagah border. The pass window is a few KM’s before the border. You need a pass only if you want preferential seating.

Is Wagah Border open for tourist?

There is no ticket system for Wagah border, free entry. But it’s currently closed for tourists due to covid. If you still want to visit, you have to apply for special permit from BSF office at Khasa village near Amritsar.

Are mobile phones allowed at Wagah border?

Mobile phone- One can carry cell phones to Wagah border.

What is Wagah Border Ceremony?

Located at a distance of 22 km from Lahore, Pakistan and 28 km from Amritsar in India, the Wagah Border marks the boundaries between Indian and Pakistani borders, running along the Grand Trunk Road. The Wagah Border Ceremony or the Beating Retreat Ceremony, held every day, is the prime attraction.

What is the Attari Wagah border famous for?

The Wagah-Atari border is famous for the ceremony called ‘beating the retreat’ ceremony where the Border Security Force from India and Pakistan Rangers from Pakistan, put up a coordinated show together. This Post is about my visit to the Attari Wagah Border near Amritsar in Punjab State of India.

Why Wagah border is famous for lowering of flags?

Located close to the Attari Village, Wagah Border is a major crossing between India and Pakistan. It is known for its high-spirited ‘Lowering of Flags’ ceremony which is the major attraction of this place. This ceremony is also known as Beating Retreat at the international level.

What happened at the Wagah Wagah border parade?

Wagah border parade at the Indian – Pakistan border. As the Bollywood music began blaring from all angles, crowds of people queued up to run a small circle carrying the Indian flag. This was followed by a dance party in the middle of the road which spilt over into the stands of people watching.