Who was Zayn closest to in the band?

The 28-year-old singer shared a close relationship with Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne after competing on the X Factor together. But now, Zayn has revealed his favourite member of 1D. In a recent interview with SiriusXM, he praised Niall, saying, “I’ll tell you what, Niall is my favourite.

What did Liam say about 1D?

Liam Payne is opening up with his struggle with addiction and mental health. The “One Direction” alum revealed that he “didn’t like myself very much” during his early boy band days, which he said were filled with “pills and booze” and “moments of suicidal ideation.”

What did Zayn say about Niall?

Niall makes the best music, there you go.” When the interviewer asked if he thought Niall’s acoustic-heavy jams are better than his own R&B-influenced ballads, Zayn laughed and admitted his Niall fandom. “I will say that he makes better music than me,” he said. “Yeah, I’m a Niall fan.”

Why did Zayn Malik left One Direction interview?

Zayn left One Direction in 2015 following some mental health struggles and a desire to live a more reserved life. The 22-year-old at the time quit the supergroup in the middle of a world tour, prompting much confusion and concern from his fans.

Who was Zayn’s best friend in One Direction?

Niall Horan

  • Both of them were good friends during the time Zayn was in the band.
  • Niall used to consider Zayn as his best friend.
  • Whenever they were mobbed, Zayn always searched for Niall first.
  • Niall once tweeted, “I got the lads Christmas presents except for @zaynmalik.

Who is the owner of One Direction?

Louis William Tomlinson (/ˈluːi ˈtɒmlɪnsən/; born Louis Troy Austin; 24 December 1991) is an English singer and songwriter. He rose to fame as a member of the boy band One Direction….

Louis Tomlinson
Occupation Singer songwriter
Years active 2010–present
Partner(s) Eleanor Calder (2011–2015, 2017–present)
Children 1

Are Zayn and Niall still friends?

Niall Horan reveals Zayn Malik doesn’t keep in touch with the other members of the band at all, and essentially cut himself off once he left the band. “He’s quite a hard fella to keep in touch with,” Niall, 26, told The Sun of Zayn, 27. “He’d probably tell you that himself, to be fair.

Are Zayn and Harry still friends?

In 2017, Malik said he and Harry Styles didn’t really talk when they were in the band together. He also said he didn’t really talk to any of his bandmates anymore. Malik told Us Weekly he and Styles were not close while they were in the band together.

Who is the hottest member of 1D?

Click the arrow and find out all the reasons why Zayn is the hottest member of One Direction! He was voted Glamour magazine’s sexiest man in 2016 so clearly a lot of people think he’s H-O-T.