What is br tun in OpenStack?

br-tun is a tunnel bridge that is used to connect OpenStack nodes (like devstack-2 ) together. This bridge is used so that project network traffic, using the VXLAN tunneling protocol, flows between each compute node where project instances run.

What is integration bridge in OpenStack?

The OVS integration bridge adds an internal VLAN tag to the packet. The OVS integration bridge exchanges the internal VLAN tag for an internal tunnel ID. The OVS integration bridge patch-tun patch port (10) forwards the packet to the OVS tunnel bridge patch-int patch port (11).

What is OVS in OpenStack?

OpenVswitch (OVS) is a virtual switch that connects virtual machines together using virtual links and ports. Traditionally this would be done by a physical switch over physical links and network cards and switch ports.

How do I install Openvswitch?

Manual installation

  1. Download OpenvSwitch. Create a directory (folder) in your Desktop called ovs then download https://www.openvswitch.org/releases/openvswitch-2.5.6.tar.gz from OpenVSwitch website and save it in the ovs folder.
  2. Install dependencies.
  3. Generated OpenVSwitch .
  4. Install the generated deb files.
  5. Documentation.

How do I install Open vSwitch?

What is OVS patch port?

What is OVS patch port. An OVS patch port is like a physical cable plugged from one (OVS) switch port to another. It is quite similar to Linux veth pair. Indeed, in some situations, these two could be used alternatively. Such as, in OpenStack compute node, there are usually two ovs bridges: br-int and br-eth1 .

What is the Open vSwitch VLAN bridge BR-VLAN?

The Open vSwitch VLAN bridge br-vlan replaces the internal tag with the actual VLAN tag of project network 2. The Open vSwitch VLAN bridge br-vlan forwards the packet to compute node 2 via the VLAN interface.

What is Open vSwitch?

Open vSwitch agent managing virtual switches, connectivity among them, and interaction via virtual ports with other network components such as namespaces, Linux bridges, and underlying interfaces. DHCP agent managing the qdhcp namespaces.

What are the two network interfaces in OpenStack?

Two network interfaces: management and provider. OpenStack Networking Open vSwitch (OVS) layer-2 agent, DHCP agent, metadata agent, and any dependencies including OVS. Larger deployments typically deploy the DHCP and metadata agents on a subset of compute nodes to increase performance and redundancy.

How does Open vSwitch external bridge BR-ex work?

The Open vSwitch external bridge br-ex forwards the packet to the external network via the external interface. Return traffic follows similar steps in reverse. For instances with a floating IP address, the network node routes north-south network traffic between project and external networks.