How much are scrap tantalum capacitors worth?

Tantalum has been valued from $40-200 per lb. over the last 10 or so years, but don’t get your hopes up too quickly as it is very hard to find. Most of the applications that tantalum would be used for are not common everyday scrapping items and it will be rare to find it.

Can tantalum capacitors be recycled?

Tantalum Recycling is one of only a handful of companies in the world that has full capability in recycling tantalum based capacitors. Our facility is fully state of the art built exclusively to fully provide Tantalum capacitor scrap recycling in house.

What is inside a tantalum capacitor?

A typical tantalum capacitor is a chip capacitor and consists of tantalum powder pressed and sintered into a pellet as the anode of the capacitor, with the oxide layer of tantalum pentoxide as a dielectric, and a solid manganese dioxide electrolyte as the cathode.

How much is a pound of tantalum worth?

FORTUNE — Tantalum is a rare element in high demand. To control tantalum is to control a key part of the 21st-century supply chain: Half of all tantalum mined goes into electronic capacitors, which store an electric charge. And it is expensive — $130 per pound, vs. its rarer cousin, tungsten, at $28.

Can u scrap capacitors?

You should be able to find a metal recycler in your area that accepts capacitors. Not all metal recyclers will take capacitors, but those that do are generally set up to check for oil contamination. There are also many household items that use capacitors that don’t contain oil.

How is tantalum recycled?

This process consists of two major steps. The first step involves the collection of tantalum from capacitor scrap as an oxide, and the second step involves the recovery of metallic tantalum by conventional metallothermic reduction and leaching.

What is scrap tantalum?

Tantalum is a rare metal used in manufacturing capacitors, which are found in virtually all types of consumer electronics. Based on current extraction rates, it has been estimated that there is less than 50 years of raw tantalum material remaining on the planet, Tantalum Recycling says.

How much tantalum is in a computer?

Server PWBs contain on average 79 Tantalum capacitors (3.10 g) which is significantly more than laptop PWBs, that contain on average 17 Tantalum capacitors (0.86 g).

Can you recycle tantalum?

Guidelines in recycling your tantalum You need to recognize that your local scrap dealer will not be able to give you the best price for your tantalum metal scrap. The reason being is that you need to choose a scrap metal recycling facility that is a niche in these kinds of metals.

What is the price of tantalum per pound?

Are old PCs worth anything?

These old computers can contain valuable metals such as gold, copper, and aluminum. While sleek modern laptops do not provide the bounty of precious metals found in the heavier, older units, they can remain profitable, just the same.

Who buys tantalum?

Oryx Metals buys and recycles all forms of tantalum (Ta) materials and tantalum alloy scrap, including solids, turnings, capacitors, powders, anodes, grindings, residues, and sludges, and provides better prices for tantalum metal scrap than local scrap dealers.

Is tantalum the rarest?

Here we’ll discuss a few actual rare metals, present in the earth in miniscule amounts but which have important applications nonetheless. The rarest stable metal is tantalum. The rarest metal on earth is actually francium, but because this unstable element has a half life of a mere 22 minutes, it has no practical use.

Does tantalum cost more than gold?

They are generally priced midway between the industrial metals and the precious metals. Brushed domed tantalum ring. The high-quality workmanship adds to the price tag of the ring. However, in some cases, depending on the quality of the craftsmanship, a tantalum ring can actually cost more than a gold or platinum band.