How do you get into the dental supply room in Bioshock?

Supply. The door is initially locked, but can be opened with a jolt from Electro Bolt to the control panel. Several sundries are found inside, with a rare Automatic Hack Tool on the desk. Some Pistol Rounds can be found in the planter by the door.

How do you open the painless dental door in Bioshock?

When the area’s finally safe again, go southwest a bit and stay crouched when rounding the corner. In the room through the window to the left, there’s a turret you should Electro Shock before rushing to hack it. The area you’re in now is Painless Dental.

How do I get into chompers dental?

Go to Dandy Dental in the Dental Services area of the Medical Pavilion to get the Telekinesis plasmid. Walk over to Chompers Dental in the same area of the Medical Pavilion. Use Telekinesis to grab the key by looking through the broken window to the left of the door.

How do I open the gate to the Medical Pavilion in Bioshock?

Inside door is ammo and off to right there is a Pistol. Corpse past the Pistol has cash, as does the corpse on the left of the hallway. Use door control to open door.

How do you get the fire Plasmid in BioShock?

The Incinerate Plasmid can be found on the second floor of the Eternal Flame area of the Medical Pavilion. There’s a room with a door that’s locked. To the left of it is a hatch that you can crouch through. Do so and waiting for you inside is the Incinerate Plasmid.

How do you use Telekinesis in BioShock?

Telekinesis is a Plasmid available in BioShock. It is one of the first Plasmids acquired by the player, and it is necessary to advance beyond a certain point in the Medical Pavilion level. To drop a “held” object, press X or Square. Pick up big stuff with your mind.

What is the keypad code in BioShock?

The first door access code in the Medical Pavilion is a reference to System Shock’s first keypad access combination, which is 451. This is a motif that appears in other games such as System Shock 2 (45100), BioShock 2 (1540), BioShock Infinite, and the Deus Ex franchise.

Where are the little sisters in the Medical Pavilion?

In the main area of the Medical Pavilion, close to the entrance, you’ll see a Big Daddy and Little Sister attempting to recover some ADAM from a corpse. Defeat the Big Daddy to either rescue or harvest the Little Sister.

How do you unlock the Golden Reel in BioShock?

ahem… a reel challenge. It’s hidden from sight in the projection booth at the top of the stairs in Fleet Hall. However, all missions in this area must be completed before the gate that blocks the door is unlocked. Instead of leaving Fort Frolic after killing Sander Cohen, head back to the projection booth.

Where is the Eternal Flame Crematorium?

the Medical Pavilion
The Eternal Flame Crematorium is a facility to cremate the dead of Rapture, and is located next to the Twilight Fields Funeral Homes, in the Medical Pavilion.

How do you get through Chompers dental in BioShock?

Bioshock has a few vexing areas, but one of the first you’ll come across is Chompers Dental. To get through the area, you’ll need the Chompers Dental Key. Luckily, we know just where to find it.

How to get the telekinesis plasmid in BioShock?

How to Get the Telekinesis Plasmid in Bioshock The Telekinesis Plasmid is actually quite close to Chomper’s Dental and only takes a few minutes to pick up. Head to the Medical Pavilion and look for Dandy Dental in the Dental Services area. Then find the Gatherer’s Garden with the green floor.

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Where can I get a free sample with a root canal?

An advertisement in the Surgery Wing offers a free sample with any root canal in Dandy Dental . The lower level of the Medical Pavilion leading to Dental Services contains a Circus of Values and a Supply closet. The passageway is blocked with ice and must be melted.