What is the meaning of Polydentate?

Definition of polydentate : attached to the central atom in a coordination complex by two or more bonds —used of ligands and chelating groups.

What is meant by a polydentate ligand?

polydentate ligand: a ligand that is attached to a central metal ion by bonds from two or more donor atoms.

What do you mean by Monodentate?

Definition of monodentate chemistry. : attached to the central atom in a coordination complex by one bond —used of ligands and chelating groups Upon inhibitor binding, this water is replaced with the zinc-binding group of the inhibitor in either a bidentate or a monodentate manner.—

Is Polydimensional a word?

adjective. Having or relating to several dimensions.

What is monodentate ligand?

Monodentate ligands are Lewis bases that donate a single pair (“mono”) of electrons to a metal atom. Monodentate ligands can be either ions (usually anions) or neutral molecules.

Is no an Ambidentate ligand?

Ligands that can attach themselves to the central metal atom through two different atoms are called ambidentate ligands. For example, NO, group and SCN group. group can attack from the nitrogen atom and oxygen atom.

Which of the following is polydentate ligand?

EDTA having six donor atoms comes under polydentate ligand category.

What are legends in chemistry?

A ligand is an ion or molecule that binds to a central metal atom to form a complex (alternatively known as a coordination entity). Ligands are usually thought of as electron donors attracted to the metal at the center of the complex. Metals are electron acceptors.

Which of the following is monodentate?

Some Monodentate Ligands
Br- bromide ion iodide ion
H2O water ammonia
OH- hydroxide ion carbon monoxide
CN- cyanide ion thiocyanate ion

Why H2O is monodentate?

In H2O, both lone pairs are on the oxygen. There would be only one binding site between H2O and the central metal. So it is a monodentate.

What does Polydimensional mean?

having many dimensions
: having many dimensions the polydimensional nature of documentary information— J. W. Perry.

What do you mean by ligand?

ligand, in chemistry, any atom or molecule attached to a central atom, usually a metallic element, in a coordination or complex compound.