How do I get to the Swinging Bridge in Blue Ridge GA?

The bridge is near Blue Ridge, Georgia in Fannin County. Access the bridge via GA-60 (between Blue Ridge and Suches); you’ll see a yellow and brown road sign for the ‘National Forest Toccoa River Swinging Bridge’—it can be easy to miss, so drive slowly through the area!

Where is the swinging bridge in Georgia?

The Swinging Bridge over the Toccoa River is located on the Benton MacKaye Trail and the Duncan Ridge National Recreation Trail in Fannin County.

Where does Benton MacKaye trail start?

Springer Mountain
Access to the starting point of the Benton MacKaye and Appalachian Trail is in southern Fannin County at Springer Mountain. From Blue Ridge, take Aska Road 13.5 miles until it deadends into Newport Road. Turn right on Newport Road, go 4.5 miles until it dead ends into Doublehead Gap.

How many miles is the Benton MacKaye trail?

300 mile
With its glorious ridgeline views and the innumerable crossings of mountain streams, the almost 300 mile long Benton MacKaye Trail (BMT) comes by its reputation for beauty honestly.

What river feeds Lake Blue Ridge?

Toccoa River
It is managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and is primarily fed by the Toccoa River. Blue Ridge Lake was created by the completion of Blue Ridge Dam and has approximately 60 miles (97 km) of shoreline and a flood storage capacity of 68,550 acre-feet (84,560,000 m3).

How long does it take to complete the Benton MacKaye trail?

A thru hike on the AT means a 5-month commitment, which is obviously difficult for most working folks. But the 300-mile BMT is doable in 20 to 30 days based on your ability, so if you’ve earned 3 to 4 weeks of vacation time, you may not need to request a leave of absence from work.

How difficult is the Benton MacKaye trail?

Although the Benton Mackaye Trail is not particularly challenging to follow, there are sections where the trail becomes overgrown, especially with blackberry bushes and poison ivy. For this reason, I would suggest hiking in early spring or late fall rather than the summer months.

Are there shelters on the Benton MacKaye trail?

Camping: There are only two shelters along the entire trail, one in Cherry Log, Georgia, and the other in the Smokies (Laurel Gap Shelter).

Are dogs allowed on the Benton MacKaye trail?

Dogs on Leash Allowed. Recommended Guide Book: Benton MacKaye Trail Guide – TN/NC.

Are there alligators in Blue Ridge Lake?

Floridians who can’t imagine a lake without gators will appreciate Lake Blue Ridge. The clear waters are a favorite of boaters, water skiers and swimmers, as well as fishermen hoping to hook bass, bluegill and walleye. great outdoors.

Are there alligators in Blue Ridge GA?

no, there is no alligators in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The lakes of the Blue Ridge Mountains are known for their breathtaking views and fun weekends on the water, but there is often a forgotten history that lurks beneath them. to Pennsylvania.