What was the price of a phone in 2007?

In 2007, the iPhone arrived with a cost of $395, followed shortly after by the HTC Dream, or G1, which brought Android to the market and kicked off the current smartphone battle that brings us better and better phones. Prices have finally dropped to $300 and $200 for high end phones.

What mobile phones were available in 2007?

A look back at the mobile devices of 2007

  • i-mate JAQ3.
  • Nokia N80 Internet Edition.
  • Nokia N95-1.
  • HTC Vox.
  • Apple iPhone first impressions and second impressions.
  • T-Mobile Wing.
  • HTC Touch.
  • HTC Advantage.

What mobile phones were available in 2001?


  • Samsung SGH R220.
  • Samsung SGH-T100.
  • Samsung SPH-i300.
  • Siemens ME45.
  • Siemens S40.
  • Siemens S45.
  • Siemens SL45.
  • Sony Ericsson T68.

How much did a phone cost in 2000?

The 2000s: Smartphones Are Developed It had a shelf price of $700, which put it within reach of many consumers. BlackBerry Pearl ($350-$400): Early BlackBerrys, such as the BlackBerry 5810 of 2002, were clunky and more pager-like.

How much did a mobile phone cost in the 1980s?

The cost of mobile phones in those early days was prohibitively high. A Motorola 8000X, the world’s first hand held mobile phone, cost 2990 [over 6000 in today’s money]. The cost did not end with the phone itself, subscription charges and call charges were also high. The hand held phone quickly became a status symbol.

What phone was popular in 2006?

Motorola RAZR
Motorola RAZR One of the most popular cell phones ever was still going strong in 2006, a full two years after it launched in 2004.

What phone was out in 2011?

1: Apple iPhone 4S Critics thought the phone was just a minor upgrade from the iPhone 4 and there were problems with the 4S’ battery life but overall this phone was one of the highlights of the year. The Siri virtual assistant really made this phone stand out from the rest.