What is the third space concept?

What is the third space? The concept of the third space has been used as a sociocultural term to designate communal space, as distinct from the home (first space) or work (second space).

What is Homi Bhabha’s third space?

The Third Space is a postcolonial sociolinguistic theory of identity and community realized through language or education. It is attributed to Homi K. Bhabha. Third Space Theory explains the uniqueness of each person, actor or context as a “hybrid”.

What is an example of a third space?

Third places can be churches, coffee shops, gyms, hair salons, post offices, main streets, bars, beer gardens, bookstores, parks, community centers, and gift shops—inexpensive places where people come together and life happens. In other words, they’re a community’s living room.

What is a third space in literacy?

Binaries in literacy are the first and second spaces of everyday versus academic knowledges. Third spaces are the in-between, or hybrid, spaces where the seemingly oppositional first and second spaces work together to generate new third space knowledges, Discourses, and literacy forms.

Why are third spaces important?

American sociologists Ramon Oldenburg and Dennis Brissett first defined them in 1982 as public spaces crucial for neighbourhoods as a space to interact, gather, meet and talk. These places help communities and groups build and retain a sense of cohesion.

How do you find a Third Space?

Finding your third space

  1. Step 1: reflect. “The first stage is ‘reflect’ – to look back on what you’ve been through but in a healthy way,” he explains.
  2. Step 2: rest. Phase two is ‘rest’ – the ability to come back to the present moment, to be mindful.
  3. Step 3: reset.

Who invented Third Space?

The term Third Space is coined by the theorist Homi K. Bhabha.

Why is it called Third Space?

Third spacing may affect one organ, an area of the body, multiple organs. Healthcare professionals initially coined the term “third space” to describe a non-functional compartment in the body where intravenous fluids would pool during major surgery.

How do you find a 3rd place?

Your third place is somewhere you can connect with others, share your thoughts and dreams, and have fun. A third place is an anchor of the community and usually a public setting that hosts frequent and informal gatherings of people. Most people are loyal to their place and return regularly to unwind and socialize.

What is Third Space teaching?

A third space merges students’ at-home and cultural experiences with their educational understanding, creating an open, flexible environment where the two can merge. Third spaces are not limited to learning, as play can be important in solidifying conceptual understanding.

Why is it called third space?

How do you find a third space?