What is ESBG?

The European Savings and Retail Banking Group ESBG​ is an association that ​represents the locally focused European banking sector, helping savings and retail banks in 18 European countries ​​strengthen their unique approach that focuses on providing service to local communities and boosting SMEs.

What does WSBI do?

The World Savings and Retail Banking Institute. WSBI focuses on international regulatory issues that affect the savings and retail banking industry. It supports the aims of the G20 in achieving sustainable, inclusive, and balanced growth, ​and job creation, whether in industrialised or less developed countries.

What does WSBI-ESBG do?

WSBI-ESBG enables idea creation and inspiration between savings and retail banks as well as innovation frontrunners. Its experts work on several digital workstreams, supporting policy that fuels innovation through a level-playing field and keeps in view customer protection.

Who are WSBI members?

WSBI members have total assets of $16 trillion and serving some 1.7 billion customers who seek retail banking services. WSBI members are committed to further unleash the promise of sustainable, responsible 21st century banking.