What is DVB-T2?

DVB-T2 is currently the most advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) system It offers more robustness and flexibility At least 50% more efficient than any other DTT system available today It supports SD, HD, UHD, mobile TV, or any combination of these But…. DVB-T2 is NOT compatible with DVB-T receivers (STB required, or new TV)

What are the power units for a DVB-T2 pre filter power unit?

DVB-T2 Pre-Filter Power Units RU mm in mm in mm in kg lb. Watts ULXT-2xx 1 (37) 593 23 1,803.3 71.0 1,128.6

What is the T2 lite profile?

The T2 Lite profile allows simpler receiver implementations for very low capacity applications such as mobile broadcasting (50% smaller chip size) This new profile can be mixed with conventional T2 signals in a single multiplex, to allow separate optimization of the individual components.