What happened to 360 the rapper?

BRAVE: Melbourne rapper 360 survived codeine addiction and overdose to rediscover his best form on the album Vintage Modern. BEFORE releasing album No. 4 Vintage Modern last year Matthew Colwell, aka 360, was worried sick how the record would be received.

How old is 360 rapper?

35 years (July 12, 1986)360 / Age

Is 360 and Pez still friends?

Pez and 360 have been long-time friends and collaborators. They’ve worked together as part of a duo, Forthwrite, notably contributing to the track The Club Song on M-Phazes’ 2010 album Good Gracious.

Who is the most famous Australian rapper?

The 10 Best Australian Rappers

  • Iggy Azalea. If you told Tupac and Biggie that a blonde girl named Amethyst Kelly from the tiny Australian town of Mullumbimby would be dominating the American hip-hop scene two decades after their deaths, they wouldn’t have believed you.
  • Briggs.
  • 360.
  • Sampa the Great.
  • Drapht.

What is the meaning of 360?

A complete trip around the edge of a circle is 360 degrees, which means that, if you were to complete a rotation around the central axis of your body, you would end up facing the same direction as when you started.

How old is kersa?

34 years (August 21, 1987)Kerser / Age

How much are the Hilltop Hoods worth?

Hilltop Hoods Net Worth : $ 5 Million

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Minute:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.3

What disease does Pez have?

PEZ was diagnosed with Grave’s disease after the release of his debut album in 2008, A Mind of My Own, and started having debilitating thyroid issues just as the breakout hit The Festival Song took over the airwaves. This happy-go-lucky ode to the great summer road trip became a one-way ticket to illsville.

Is Pez still alive?

His debut album, A Mind of My Own peaked at No….Pez (musician)

Born 3 May 1984 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) MC, rapper, singer
Years active 2004–present

What is Australian rap called?

Australian hip-hop is still primarily released through independent record labels, which are often owned and operated by the artists themselves. Despite its genesis as an offshoot of American hip hop, Australian hip hop has developed a distinct personality that reflects its evolution as an Australian musical style.

Are there any rappers from Australia?

In previous editorials, we’ve shouted out the established acts running things right now: Genesis Owusu, OneFour, Youngn Lipz, JK47, Bally Boy and more. But with so much bubbling up around the country, today we’re turning our attention to the fast-risers who’ve just broken through — or are about to.

Is it complete 180 or 360?

A complete circle is 360 degrees. So, if you want to describe someone who has “come full circle,” you might say he has made a 360-degree turn. A half circle, meanwhile, is 180 degrees. This is the phrase one might use to describe a complete change from one extreme to another.