What are Europa League standings?

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# Team Pts
1 Monaco 12
2 Real Sociedad 9
3 PSV Eindhoven 8
4 Sturm Graz 2

What teams are in the Europa League 2021?

Teams Europa League 2021/2022

  • Alashkert Armenia.
  • Anorthosis Cyprus.
  • Antwerp FC Belgium. Club info. Squad.
  • Atalanta Italy. News. Club info. Stats. Squad.
  • AZ Alkmaar Netherlands. News. Club info. Stats. Squad.
  • B. Dortmund Germany. News. Club info. Stats. Squad.
  • Barcelona Spain. News. Club info. Stats. Squad.
  • Betis Spain. News. Club info. Stats. Squad.

Are Sparta Prague still in Europe?

AC Sparta Prague is an association football club from Prague, Czech Republic….AC Sparta Prague in European football.

Club Sparta Prague
First entry 1964–65 European Cup Winners’ Cup
Latest entry 2021–22 UEFA Europa Conference League

Who qualifies from Europa League groups?

Winning the League Cup guarantees a Europa League third-qualifying round spot. If the winners of the FA Cup and League Cup finish in the top four then their places are taken by the next highest placed finishers in the Premier League table who have not already qualified for Europe.

Who are the holders of the Europa League?

Europa League » Champions

Year Winner Country
2020 Sevilla FC Spain
2019 Chelsea FC England
2018 Atlético Madrid Spain
2017 Manchester United England

What’s the difference between Europa League and Europa Conference League?

The Europa Conference League marks an opportunity for more teams around Europe to play one another. It is essentially a third-tier European Competition, behind the Champions League and Europa League. How does it work? The Europa Conference League follows the existing formats of the Champions League and Europa League.

How many English clubs are in the Europa League?

From the 2015–16 season, the various permutations allow for a maximum of 5 English clubs to qualify for the UEFA Champions League and 3 for the UEFA Europa League. From the 2018–19 season, the top four clubs in Europe’s four highest ranked leagues qualify directly to the group stage.

What English teams are in the Europa League this year?

For the 2021-22 season, Leicester City and West Ham United represented the Premier League in the UEFA Europa League.

What league do Sparta Prague play in?

Czech First League
UEFA Europa LeagueCzech Cup
AC Sparta Prague/Leagues

Are Sparta Prague a good team?

It is the most successful club in the Czech Republic and one of the most successful in central Europe, winning the central European Cup (also known as the Mitropa Cup) three times as well as having reached the semi-finals of the European Cup (now the UEFA Champions League) in 1992 and the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1973.

Do Round of 16 Losers go to Europa League?

The six losing teams in the Champions League play-off round are automatically transferred to the Europa League group stage.

What happens if you finish 3rd in Europa League?

There is another option, which if you finish 3rd in the UEFA Champions League Group Stage, you will qualify for the last 32 in the Europa League, and the 3rd option is when a club which being eliminated from the UEFA Champions League 3rd round (Into the UEFA Europa League Playoff Round).