What does die cut cover mean?

It’s a cover that has a hole cut in it as part of the design.

What is die cut album cover?

Album covers that are of an unusual shape, die cut or have other gimmicks e.g. 3d glasses, posters or smells etc. Die cut center hole revealing inner sleeve image.

What is a die cut record?

A die cut sleeve is one that has a hole in the middle, like the standard Black sleeves that you see.

Why are some record covers cut?

The corners are cut on the cardboard jackets/sleeves to prevent them from being returned to a traditional retailer. Normally the corners are cut off when an item is discontinued and sold as a discount lot to a wholesaler or when an item has been returned and it shouldn’t be sold as new.

What is the meaning of die cut?

Die cutting is the process by which custom labels get their shape. Whether you want your products’ labels to have a simple rectangular or oval shape, or to have a more exciting form, they are cut into shape by a metal “die” during production.

What is die cut vinyl decals?

A Die Cut Sticker will be laser cut completely through the backing of the sticker, so all you see is the custom shape and sticker design. Kiss Cut Stickers are also digitally printed, and laser cut, just with a slightly lighter touch, which leaves a slightly visible backing.

Why are some album covers notched?

Cut-outs are typically wholesaled to retailers as non-returnable items, meaning that the store cannot send them back to the distributor for a refund; the reason for the cut or hole in the packaging is simply to clearly mark the item as non-returnable.

What is the hole in a record called?

Play Hole – The hole in the center of a record that allows the record to fit over a turntable spindle. The hole and spindle keep the record properly centered on the platter so that it will play correctly.

What are Diedie cuts?

Die cuts start with a die, which is a metal object that has sharp areas for cutting. A die resembles cookie cutters in that the shape that the metal object is designed will be the same shape that’s cut in the material. There are several kinds of dies. For example, steel-rule dies are very sharp, but are protected with plastic or foam for safety.

What does Diedie cut stickers mean?

Die Cut Stickers We’ve had some customers express confusion about the meaning of “Die Cut” and “Kiss Cut” so we hope to clarify this with the explanation below. DIE CUT: What does die cut mean? This term simply means custom-shaped stickers.

What is the difference between Cutcut and die cutting?

Cut refers to creating a custom shape, and die cutting means the casting and cutting of shapes. The term die cutting was not commonly used until the 1800s, when it was meant as a method for creating more precise and accurate shoe sizes.

What is a die cut label?

The ‘die line’ is the outline of where the die will cut, it is usually shown as a thick colored line in proofs. Die cutting comes in many shapes and forms, some of which are better suited for labels than others. There are three major processes that you should know, so you can figure out what die cut process to use for your custom labels.