How do you say strongly recommend?

“We strongly recommend people who have severe eye injuries wear protective gear at all times.”…What is another word for strongly recommend?

urge advocate
beseech enjoin
exhort forcefully suggest
impel recommend forcefully
prescribe beg

Is it correct to say highly recommend?

It’s actually wrong to say “I highly recommend this,” and I’ll explain why. You should say “I strongly recommend this.” The reason is that when you say that something is highly recommended, you mean that it is recommended by those with great credentials for recommending it.

Is it correct to say recommend you?

It is incorrect in American English.

How do you say you recommend something?

Four phrases for you: “I recommend taking”, “I recommend or suggest that you take”, and “You should/You shouldn’t.” You should and you shouldn’t are very direct phrases. They are almost a little bit commanding like you are saying, I know what’s best for the other person.

How do you use the word recommend?

They recommended her for a promotion after only two years. The film is recommended to anyone who liked her earlier movies. It is strongly recommended that you change the oil in your car every 5,000 miles.

How do you ask someone to recommend something?

You might have heard about a position, but need someone to recommend you in order to apply….Asking for recommendations:

  1. Could you put in a good word for me?
  2. Could you let others know about this experience?
  3. Could you pass this on to others?
  4. Would you mind sharing your experience?
  5. Would you add me to your contact list?

What is another word for strongly?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for strongly, like: firmly, powerfully, solidly, greatly, actively, invincibly, forcibly, indomitably, capably, completely and robustly.

Is it correct to say I recommend you to see?

I meant to type *recommend to see* is not English. I recommend you see is actually fine; it’s a shorter version of I recommend that you see. But as a former English teacher, I’d like to address aivar’s other questions: “I recommend you to see that movie.”

What is a synonym for strongly recommended?

Synonyms for strongly recommend include urge, advocate, counsel, implore, beseech, enjoin, exhort, forcefully suggest, impel and recommend forcefully. Find more similar words at!

How do you recommend someone to do something in English?

In natural English, we do not use the structure *recommend somebody to do something*. I recommend you come a bit earlier next time. I recommend you try the apple pie. I don’t recommend you buy that computer. I recommend they call me later.

How do you use recommend in a sentence?

“I recommend you to see that movie.” I suggest you to see.. I suggest to you to see.. I offered you to see.. I offered to see.. I promise you to see.. I promised to.. According to a textbook all the verb + you cases (these verbs) are not OK. Thx a lot. Selected answer: close… I recommend that you see… I recommend watching…