Where is Du Toitskloof situated?

Western Cape province of South Africa
Du Toitskloof Pass (English: Du Toit’s Rift) is situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa, on the regional route R101 between Paarl and Worcester. It was initially an animal track where a road was built around the time of World War II, including a 200m Du Toitskloof Tunnel.

Who built Du Toitskloof pass?

Jannie le Roux
The next road builder in Du Toit’s Kloof was Jannie le Roux of the farm called Verdun. He started farming in the area at the end of World War I, and built himself a private road in order to have easier access to his various camps. He used a special little donkey-cart only 3 feet wide, and was able to reach his lands.

How long is the Du Toitskloof?

48 kilometres long
The Du Toitskloof Pass is 48 kilometres long and scales 820 metres in height.

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Where is the longest tunnel in South Africa?

The Huguenot Tunnel
The Huguenot Tunnel is a toll tunnel near Cape Town, South Africa.

Where is the Huguenot Tunnel in South Africa?

Cape Town
The 4km tunnel, which is located on the N1 freeway (Section 1) approximately 60km north-east of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province, is a tolled tunnel that carries the freeway through the Du Toitskloof mountains that separate Paarl from Worcester.

Which is the longest tunnel in Africa?

Huguenot Tunnel

Length 3900 m
No. of lanes 2
Operating speed 90 km/h
Tunnel clearance 5 m

What is the longest tunnel in South Africa?

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Who built Cape Town tunnel?

The two drilling heads met with an error of only 3 mm over its entire 3.9 km length. The tunnel was finally opened on 18 March 1988. The tunnel is maintained by Tolcon, a subsidiary of the Murray & Roberts construction company. The tunnel was constructed by Hochtief and Concor.

How long did it take to build Worcester tunnel?

SMEC South Africa’s scope of work for the North Bore and South Bore includes preliminary design, detailed design, procurement and construction supervision. The design and procurement phase will take place over a period of 15 months, while construction is set to take 55 months to complete.

Is the Huguenot Tunnel open now?

This means that the tunnel will still be open during the daytime Monday to Thursday and fully open 24 hours a day from Friday to Sunday for all road users”.