Should I get a 590 or 590A1?

The thicker walled barrel of the 590A1 should help dampen some recoil and also take more abuse. Well the verdict is that the only difference between the 590 and 500 is the magazine tube. The only difference between the 590 and 590a1 is that the 590a1 has a thicker barrel, metal trigger group, and metal safety button.

What is the difference between a Mossberg 590 and a Mossberg 590 a1?

The 590A1 has a heavier barrel, metal safety, metal trigger group and bayonet lug. The 590 has a regular barrel, composite safety and trigger group and no bayonet lug. The 590’s are blued, the 590A1’s are parkerized.

Can I use a Mossberg 500 for turkey hunting?

Mossberg 500 Turkey Shotgun At 7.25 lbs., it’s light enough for turkey hunting but still heavy enough to reduce that recoil. Bonus: it’s available for you lefties and righties!

Are Mossberg shotguns rifled?

The Mossberg® 500® Slugster® offers hunters an accurate and reliable Pump-Action Shotgun, specifically designed for deer hunting. The Slugster comes with a fully rifled and ported barrel with a cantilever scope base.

Is the Mossberg 500 a good shotgun?

After over 50 years and over 10 million and counting–and the only pump action to be declared MilSpec–the Mossberg 500 has proven to be one of the most versatile and reliable shotgun platforms available, offering a model to fit every application, and every user from our households, to law agencies, to military worldwide.

What are the different types of Mossberg shotguns?

Today, Mossberg makes the 500 in two broad categories: field models for hunting purposes, and special-purpose models. Field models are available in a variety of barrel lengths and finishes (including modern camouflage patterns), and with sights or optics.

How big is the barrel on a Mossberg 590?

The Mossberg 590 Shockwave is a normal 590 with the barrel cut down to the federal length limits for a shotgun: 14 inches. It also features a Raptor Birds Head grip instead of a pistol grip. mfg photo

Will Aguila Mini shells run in a Mossberg 500?

Those mini shells don’t always run super reliably in shotguns, but this adapter makes them run like a dream in the Mossberg 500. In a standard 5 shot tube, you can load 9 rounds of the Aguila mini shells. This is the best 15 bucks I’ve ever spent on a shotgun, especially for those shooting Mossberg Shockwaves.