How many number 1 hits does Garth Brooks have?

Brooks had more than 20 number one hits, awards too numerous to count and his share of controversies, but in 1998, it was his sales numbers that drew the most attention. To surpass the Beatles, he would have to sell more than 100 million records, a milestone it took the Fab Four 34 years to reach.

What is Garth Brooks number one song of all time?

“Friends in Low Places” – Arguably Garth’s biggest hit and definitely the song that made him a superstar. Everyone loves this one from ‘No Fences. ‘ 1.

How many #1 albums Does Garth Brooks have?

9 No. 1
Brooks has scored 9 No. 1 albums on Billboard 200 and achieved 19 No. 1 hits on Hot Country Songs. Nine of his albums have achieved Diamond status in the United States, the most for any artist ever….

Garth Brooks discography
Compilation albums 3
Music videos 25
Singles 67
Boxed sets 7

How many number one hits does Alan Jackson have?

Out of his singles, all but seven have reached Top 40 or higher on the Billboard country singles charts, including 26 number one hits. Of these, two have been listed by Billboard as the number one song of the year on the Billboard Year-End charts: “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” in 1991 and “Chattahoochee” in 1993.

How many #1 does George Strait have?

Listen to all of King George’s greatest hits. Over his 33-year recording career, Strait has had 60 number one hits, more than any other performer in history. That’s combining the number of songs that have topped the Billboard chart (44) with the number that have topped the Mediabase chart (16).

What was Garth Brooks first #1 hit?

GARTH BROOKS – RIAA certified for sales of over 10 million units, this is the album that started it all. It includes Garth’s debut single, “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)” and his first two #1 hits, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “The Dance.” GARTH BROOKS quietly shipped less than 20,000 records at the start.

How many number one hits did Michael Jackson have?

13 No. 1s
Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, has more No. 1 hits than most artists could ever dream of charting – combined. With 13 No. 1s – and one more to which he contributed vocals – Jackson leads the list of male artists with the most chart-topping hits.