How do you use execrable in a sentence?

Execrable in a Sentence 馃攭

  1. When Matt accidentally found himself on a racist website, he was outraged by all the execrable comments that had been posted on it.
  2. Because the conditions in that restaurant were so execrable, several diners became ill and the Health Department was called in to shut it down.

What is the meaning of simultaneously in a sentence?

simultaneously Add to list Share. Use the adverb simultaneously to describe actions that occur at the same time. You are reading this sentence and simultaneously learning a new word! Simultaneously doesn’t have to describe two different actions. It just means that things are happening at the same time.

What is a sentence for lengths?

Sentence Length in Technical Writing In general, an average of 15 to 20 words is effective for most technical communication. A series of 10-word sentences would be choppy. A series of 35-word sentences would probably be too demanding. And a succession of sentences of approximately the same length would be monotonous.

What is an example of simultaneously?

Simultaneously is defined as going on at the same time. If you are singing and dancing at the same time, this is an example of a situation where you are singing and dancing simultaneously.

What is the definition of a execrable?

Definition of execrable 1 : deserving to be execrated : detestable execrable crimes. 2 : very bad : wretched execrable hotel food.

How do you use exigent in a sentence?

Exigent in a Sentence 1. My dad has always been an exigent man, asking ridiculous things of me that I’m not capable of doing. 2. I try not to be exigent with my students, but as a teacher I have to press them to get their work done.

What is the meaning of simultaneity?

adjective. existing, occurring, or operating at the same time; concurrent: simultaneous movements;simultaneous translation.

Where do you put simultaneously in a sentence?

Simultaneously sentence example

  • It was simultaneously frightening and annoying.
  • He wore headphones and spoke into a microphone, simultaneously responding to half a dozen chat windows open on this computer.
  • The cool night hit his skin simultaneously with the warning he least wanted to sense.

Can you use while simultaneously in a sentence?

Sentence examples for while simultaneously from inspiring English sources. This piece feels embedded in tradition while simultaneously pointing forward. Donating your time can be a career-changing move while simultaneously helping your company.

What is meant by the word simultaneous?

Definition of simultaneous 1 : existing or occurring at the same time : exactly coincident. 2 : satisfied by the same values of the variables simultaneous equations. Other Words from simultaneous Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More About simultaneous.

Use execrable in a sentence. adjective. The definition of execrable is something extremely unpleasant or poor quality. A house with bugs, bad smells and roof leaks is an example of a house that might be described as execrable.

What is an execrable meal?

Extremely inferior; very bad: an execrable meal. [Middle English, from Latin execr膩bilis, from execr膩r墨, exsecr膩r墨, to execrate; see execrate .] ex鈥瞖路cra路ble路ness n.

What is the root word of execrate?

[Middle English, from Latin execr膩bilis, from execr膩r墨, exsecr膩r墨, to execrate; see execrate .] ex鈥瞖路cra路ble路ness n.