How do you spruce up an old mirror?

5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Plain, Boring Mirror Look Like a Pricey Splurge

  1. Add a chunky wood frame.
  2. Make a tile mosaic border.
  3. Give it a sunburst-style frame.
  4. Use quick and easy sticker decals or etching.
  5. Light it up.
  6. Make a simple dowel frame.

How can I make my mirror look pretty?

Can you frame a frameless mirror?

Frameless mirrors serve the practical purpose well, but their raw edges don’t add much to the room’s decor. You can dress up your mirrors by adding a simple frame that matches your room’s woodwork or complements the room’s color scheme.

How do you upgrade a plain mirror?

6 Easy Upgrades That Make a Plain Mirror Look Way More Expensive

  1. Put small mirrors on display with a concrete base.
  2. Turn a frameless mirror into a pricey-looking ladder mirror.
  3. Give a plain mirror a sculptural rattan frame.
  4. Add resort style to a basic round mirror.
  5. Turn a new mirror vintage.
  6. When in doubt, make it metallic.

How to make a DIY frame for a bathroom mirror?

Measure Mirror. Measure your mirror using a tape measure,then use these numbers to calculate how much trim to buy.

  • Buy Trim Boards. Choose your trim according to your preferred look,sticking with boards around two to four inches wide for best results.
  • Cut Miters in Boards.
  • Glue Bottom Piece to Mirror
  • How can I frame a bathroom mirror?

    Place your frame face down on a level surface.

  • Using the glue that was included with your frame,glue the corners of your frame together securely.
  • Now,insert the included wedges into their correct holes on each corner and hammer them gently into place until they’re flush with the frame.
  • Give your frame about three hours to set before hanging.
  • How to choose the right mirror for your bathroom?

    – You want to have it all: a wide, uninterrupted mirror and multiple functional lights. – You have a tricky wall that can’t house sconces. – You already have power supplied for lights in the ceiling and don’t want to open the walls unnecessarily.

    How to transform a bathroom mirror?

    Try the shaving cream hack. If you don’t want to deal with a foggy mirror at all,being proactive with the shaving cream hack (which isn’t new but is

  • Spray your mirror with vinegar. While this technique can be admittedly more odorous,a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar sprayed on your mirror has the
  • Run a cold shower first.