What genre is Weyes blood?

Alternative/IndieWeyes Blood / Genre

What genre is Titanic Rising?

Titanic Rising/Genres

Why is it called Titanic Rising?

The album named after the RMS Titanic and the 1997 film based on the ship’s sinking, which had a profound impact on Mering when she was younger.

How was the Titanic Rising album cover made?

To create the visual aesthetic for Titanic Rising, Mering enlisted Brett Stanley to help bring the underwater cover art to life in a Long Beach, California pool. To ensure the set wouldn’t disintegrate, they relied on sandbags and a two-hour time limit for filming.

Why is Weyes Blood called that?

That Natalie Mering chose to name herself Weyes Blood after the tale of a Christian fundamentalist war veteran turned nihilist zealot in the American South who burns his own eyes out with lye (a strong alkali used to dissolve dead bodies) and wraps his bare skin in barbed wire is, perhaps, key to understanding the …

How is Weyes Blood pronounced?

The singer-songwriter, who performs under the name Weyes Blood (pronounced “wise blood”), didn’t watch a single film for three years.

Is Weyes Blood a dream pop?

From this comes the nearly derisive moniker chillwave, a style of dream pop whose defining feature is being chill. Chillwave is where genuine songwriting goes to die. Weyes Blood’s songwriting blows all of these artists out of the water. Every song has cutting, evocative lyrics, perfectly matching her powerful voice.

How do you pronounce Weyes Blood?

But listen closely to the latest album she’s made as Weyes Blood – pronounced Wise Blood – and you might find just as much of the experimentalist.

Where did the name Weyes Blood come from?

At the age of 15 Mering began using the moniker Wise Blood to write songs. She changed to Weyes Bluhd on several self released records before changing the spelling to Weyes Blood.

How old is Natalie Mering?

33 years (June 11, 1988)Weyes Blood / Age

How do you pronounce Weyes blood?

How do you say Weyes Blood?

Weyes Blood (pronounced like Wise Blood, as in the novel by Flannery O’Connor) initially debuted as Weyes Bluhd, releasing music in the form of limited-edition cassette tapes.