What does a 0 in PULHES mean?

S—Psychiatric. O—Open status.

How do you get 3 on PULHES?

PULHES stands for Physical Capacity/Stamina, Upper Extremities, Lower Extremities, Hearing/ear, Eyes and Psychiatric. In order for a condition to rate a “3” in one of these categories the symptoms must be severe enough to interfere with the individual’s ability to serve on active duty.

What does the PULHES code mean?

PULHES is an acronym for physical capacity/stamina (P), upper extremities (U), lower extremities (L), hearing and ears (H), eyes (E), and psychiatric (S).

What is a P3 profile army?

Soldiers who have a permanent profile with a numerical designator of 3 or 4 in one or more categories (commonly referred to as a P3 or P4 profile) are nondeployable until their case is re- viewed by an MEB or an MMRB.

What is MRC army?

What is it? Being medically ready is critical for a deployable Soldier, as Soldiers must be ready to fight and win today’s wars as part of globally integrated operations. All Soldiers are assigned a Medical Readiness Classification (MRC) of 1 to 4.

Can you Medboard while flagged?

PEB Forum Regular Member however, if one is flagged they will not be promoted in that status, med board or not.

How long does it take to get med boarded?

roughly about 100 days
On average, the MEB process takes roughly about 100 days. However, this is not definitive, meaning that some cases may take longer, while others could be resolved more quickly.

How long are Army permanent profiles good for?

profile may be extended for a maximum of 6 months from the initial profile start date by the profiling officer.

Who can see my profile army?

Any leader has the right to look at your profile to ensure they are not giving you an order in violation of that profile. Profiles are governed under AR 40-501.

What does the s in pulhes mean?

The S in PULHES concerns personality, emotional stability, and psychiatric diseases. As for the numerical designations, the PULHES grades generally mean a military medical evaluation of numbers one through four:

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What does pulhes mean in the military?

Physical Profile Serial System (PULHES) A physical profile containing one or more numerical designators of “3” signifies that the individual has one or more medical conditions or physical defects that may require significant limitations. For those applying for military service, this designation is usually a disqualification.

What is the pulhes serial system?

Physical Profile Serial System. The H is PULHES is focused on hearing and any diseases of the ear. E — Eyes. The E in PULHES concerns the recruits ability to see to a certain standard and able to see red/green color differences as well as diseases and defects of the eye. S — Stability / Psychiatric.