What cities in Florida have Costco?

Costco Locations in Florida

  • Altamonte Springs. Costco. 741 Orange Ave…
  • Boca Raton. Costco. 17800 Congress Ave…
  • Bradenton. Costco. 805 Lighthoue Drive…
  • Brandon. Costco. 10921 Causeway Blvd…
  • Clearwater. Costco. 2655 Gulf to Bay Blvd…
  • Coral Springs. Costco. 4621 Coral Ridge Dr…
  • Davie. Costco. 1890 South University Drive…
  • Estero. Costco.

Does Tampa have a Costco?

W tampa Tampa, FL Warehouse | Costco. Select country/region: United States. Canada.

How many Costco stores are in Florida?

Number of Costco warehouses in the United States in 2021, by state

Characteristic Number of warehouses
Florida 29
Illinois 23
New Jersey 21
New York 19

When did Costco open in Tampa?

2017) TAMPA / CITRUS PARK, FL – Costco Wholesale is opening February 9, 2017 at 8712 West Linebaugh Avenue in the Citrus Park neighborhood of Tampa, FL.

How much is gas at Costco in Florida?

Gas Prices in Florida

Price Station Time
3.85 Costco 8000 Parramore Rd Jacksonville Apr 3,4:59 PM Apr 3, 4:59 PM
3.85 Sam’s Club 6373 Youngerman Cir Jacksonville Apr 3,4:09 PM Apr 3, 4:09 PM
3.85 BJ’s 560 Blanding Blvd Orange Park Apr 3,10:47 AM Apr 3, 10:47 AM
3.89 BJ’s 8046 Philips Hwy Jacksonville Apr 3,1:32 PM Apr 3, 1:32 PM

When did Wesley Chapel Costco open?

Costco will open in Wesley Chapel in the Cypress Creek Town Center on Feb, 8, and a Costco will open in the Westchase area on Feb. 9.

Is there a Costco in Tampa Florida?

Costco is opening two new locations here in Tampa Bay. In February there will be a Costco in Wesley Chapel and in West Tampa. Join now and save! Have you heard the exciting news? Tampa is not only getting one, but TWO new Costco locations!

Where is the nearest Costco to me?

The quinoa and brown rice makes for the perfect side dish at dinner or lunch. It’s also great mixed into a salad bowl. Costco’s dried mangoes are like candy. Kirkland organic dried mangoes at Costco. Gabriella Sorrento They’re so delicious and chewy, and the giant bag lasts me a while. Best of all, the only ingredient is mangoes.

Where is Costco located in Florida?

The new location is the third in the Horizon West area, following locations in Lakeside Village and Hamlin Town Center. The… Horizon West Schools Are Overcapacity; See Enrollment Data & Relief School Timeline

Where are Costco stores located?

The proposal calls for a Costco Warehouse main store, as well as an accessory liquor store, tire center and gas station. The site is south of the intersection at International Golf Parkway and World Commerce Parkway, just off I-95, north of St. Augustine. The area is adjacent to Ring Power, the International Golf Village and a GreenWise Market.