How many Forest Service regions are there in the US?

nine Forest Service Regions
There are nine Forest Service Regions. The regions are broad geographic areas, usually including several states, encompassing 155 National Forests and 20 National Grasslands.

What are the forest regions?

Forest regions are geographic areas with similar dominant tree species

Forest region Location
Acadian Maritimes
Boreal northern Canada
Carolinian (Deciduous) southwestern Ontario
Coast British Columbia

What region of the USFS is Texas in?

Southern: based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Southern Region (R8) covers thirteen states (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia; and Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands), and thirty-four National Forests.

What Forest Service Region is Alaska?

There are only two national forests in the Alaska Region, the Tongass National Forest and the Chugach National Forest; however, they are the largest national forests in the Country. The Chugach surrounds Prince William Sound and is near Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city.

Where is the forest region located?

They are delimited in latitude by the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere at 23.5°) N and the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere at 23.5°). The tropics are also referred to as the tropical zone and the torrid zone. Was this answer helpful?

What Forest Service Region is Alaska in?

Welcome to the Alaska Region The Alaska region is home to two of the nation’s largest national forests, the Chugach and Tongass, traditional homelands of Alaska Native peoples. The Alaska Region offers amazing diversity and a multitude of uses.

Why was the Forest Service originally started in the United States?

When and why was the Forest Service established? Congress established the Forest Service in 1905 to provide quality water and timber for the Nation’s benefit. Over the years, the public has expanded the list of what they want from national forests and grasslands.

What forest region is Indiana?

The Hoosier National Forest is a property managed by the United States Forest Service in the hills of southern Indiana. Composed of four separate sections, it has a total area of 202,814 acres (821 km2; 317 sq mi)….

Hoosier National Forest
Governing body U.S. Forest Service
Website Hoosier National Forest

What are the four regions of the United States Forest Service?

List By State By Forest Service Region… Alaska Region Eastern Region Intermountain Region Northern Region Pacific Northwest Region Pacific Southwest Region Rocky Mountain Region Southern Region Southwestern Region.

Where can I find a guide to my national forests?

“ A Guide To Your National Forests ” is a free brochure showing locations of national forests and grasslands along with contact information. Forest Visitor Maps, National Forest Atlas, and Wilderness Maps These maps are available for purchase at the U.S. Geological Survey Store, many Forest Service offices and other retail outlets.

What kind of maps are available for California National Forests?

Forest Visitor Maps for each national forest and grassland provide forest-wide information on attractions, facilities, services, and opportunities. National Forest Atlases are full color atlases, containing 8.5-inch by 11-inch topographic quadrangle maps at 1 inch to the mile scale and are available for many of the forests in California.

Where can I get a copy of the US Forest Service maps?

These maps are available in several formats: 1 Geo-enabled PDFs. 2 Geotiffs that contain both collar and non-collar editions in a single zipped file. 3 Hard copies are available for purchase at some Forest Service offices , U.S. Geological Survey Store, and some retail outlets.